Friday in the Park

Friday  there was no school/work due to a teacher in-service day.  Most of the day we cleaned the house and worked in the yard, but towards late afternoon the family was burned out and craved change.  We decided to visit a local park.  A2 and A3 wanted to go froggin’ so they donned rubber boots and brought along a fishing net and plastic bowl.  They didn’t catch any frogs, but then again, their technique was far from refined. They walked up and down the creek swishing the net back and forth.  My DH suggested I show them how to properly catch frogs, (I spent many a day catching frogs and salamanders in the cranberry bog irrigation sumps and ditches while growing up) but they were having fun and that  water looked cold. 


The sun was out, but the woods still look rather bleak and stark this time of year.

A1 came too, but she was busy avoiding us and texting a friend. Nature held zero interest for her.  When her dad got a little bit too close, this was the result.

As usual, I brought along some knitting and finished a dish rag during the outing.


A3 misjudged how deep the water was in a few places.

She sloshed along until I told her to dump out her boots.


The only activity at the honey tree was my DH bee-ing silly.  It’s still a little early in the season for them to be out pollinating. 

 We stopped by the post office too so I could mail birthday presents.  This was a particularly hard year for shopping. Even if budget limitations hadn’t  been an issue, there just wasn’t anything that looked “right”.  In the end, practicality won out and everyone is getting something useful. 

The latest developments on the kitty front include the two girls trying to sneak up on one another. Here is Bonny scoping out Roxie in her new bed.  Once the other has been located then the searcher slinks off some place else.

Gotta love those feline politics!

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice again. Hopefully we’ll get the front yard looking presentable. Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “Friday in the Park

  1. Karen O

    Hi! Sounds like you guys have been really busy and having fun. We’re trying not to get sunburned…Hawaii is beautiful and although windy. Hope to see you soon! Love, K

  2. Roxie

    A3 really gets INTO her activities! Love the pouring water from the boot photo. And hooray that your DH is up and about and able to get to the park with you. Give your honey a big hug from me!

    A1 is being such a teen. It’s like those miserable last few weeks of pregnancy. Time will cure it, but there’s no way to hurry it along. I’m so sorry for all of you. If she’d been a snarly, gnarly, booger-brained boy it wouldn’t be so sad, but she was a nice young woman there for a while. She will be again. In time.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    What a lovely day in the park. You look almost serene sitting on the bench knitting. Teenagers are pretty much the same. Don’t worry. Your dumpling is still in there and will surface from time to time. Thankfully, you have the other two to enjoy!

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