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“S” is for “Sunday,” “Shot,” “Sore,” & “Sister”

I found an Etsy Seller called KangarooDyer who dyes gorgeous yarns! I’ve not actually bought any of them yet  because 

1. I already have enough yarn to sink a battleship and


The dishwasher broke and flooded the kitchen… again.  We’ve had trouble with this beast since first buying the house.  It was vintage 1986, so somebody got their money’s worth out of it, but the thing was shot by the time we moved in.   Even with this is mind I still cursed the contrary machine each and every time it left goo in the cups or decided an impromptu mopping job was needed. Surprisingly, when we pulled it out we discovered that the serial number didn’t start with “666”.   A new dishwasher has been ordered and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the exchange and installation will go smoothly.  At least the old one waited until we finished our taxes before dying!

Saturday’s weather was gloriously spring-like so we focused on yard work.  My DH cut down, limbed and stacked wood from a line of cedar trees in our backyard.   There’s still a whole passel of trees needing to be cut, but they’ll get their turn later. While he was trimming and cutting in the back I hoed and weeded the flower beds then began the tedious job of digging out the hedge along the front of our house.  I had to stop though because darkness fell and my arms went numb.

The pile of cedar boughs in the back yard is roughly the size of my van. We discussed renting a wood chipper to turn them into mulch for the front yard, but that’s easier said than done.  Chippers aren’t easy to find in most rental places and the clerks threw some suspicious looks our way when we made inquiries.  I think one even wrote down our license plate number as we drove away. They must have seen Fargo.  Even with all of that work our home still owns the distinction of looking the shabbiest in our neighborhood. Yes, we are “those neighbors” who drive down property values and keep things lively!

Saturday evening I helped A3 practice her plying skills with her newest yarn. She calls it “Parrot”.  Plying with two vastly different yarn weights wasn’t an easy first task. The finished yarn is quite wild and perfectly A3.

Sunday morning, at about 3:00 am, I was wide awake and feeling every muscle, tendon, bone and nerve as they all screamed in unison, demanding to know what I was thinking by doing all of that yard work.  Since then, I’ve been popping Tylenol and Advil non-stop trying to beat back a headache and self-inflicted body pain. Doh!

I finally made it past the yoke of a baby cardigan and started the Fan and Feather pattern for the bottom portion. Most of the knitting took place as we drove between stores shopping for the afore-mentioned dishwasher.  Roxanna gladly modeled the sweater (okay, so she awoke and lifted her head when the camera came on, if you want to get technical).

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. Out of fear of bodily harm and a desire to keep peace in the family I shall not mention her age.  Happy birthday Jackie!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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