Today is my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday Mom! 


Today is also Karen’s birthday. Happy Birthday Karen!

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(picture shamelessly stolen from her blog site)

No time for a WTF post. The dishwasher arrived on Monday, but so did a migraine. As a result my DH had to install it by himself. 

Later that evening when I went to take A3 to wrestling I discovered water in the garage. Our freezer door had been left ajar and everything defrosted. Because garbage pickup isn’t until Friday we just closed the door and let it re-freeze so there wouldn’t be rotting meat stinking up the neighborhood.  We’ll clean it out Thursday night then we can give it a thorough scrub down and start with a fresh, clean freezer. Some of the food in there was getting old anyway.

Tonight is A3’s last wrestling night of the season.  Her coaches have been patient with all of the kids, but they’re obviously tired and ready to be done too.   The number of kids showing up has dwindled quickly. Only 9 showed up on Monday. Towards the end of practice all 9 of them had a free-for-all as they tried pinning one of the high school students who assists them.



They never did succeed, even though he was giving them tips the entire time. 

Also, tomorrow night is A1’s Knowledge Bowl party at our house. In other words, lots to do, no time to do it. My eldest is in charge of the RSVPs and she hasn’t been writing down responses from people. We’re either going to have two or twenty-two. 




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6 responses to “Birthdays!

  1. Thanks! So my birthday lands on a hump day during conference week, on a long day for the boy, and on the usual early-release day for the elder kids. Sigh. Gotta run!

  2. I need to empty out our deep freeze and let the trash pickup take it. It works but I think it’s costing us $50/month to freeze things that I don’t even remember putting in there! (plus not even close to Energy Star certified 😉

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy birthday Mom and Karen! Sounds like the wrestling was fun. Even if she wrote them down, people just don’t think R.S.V.P.’s are important anymore. But, how can anyone plan???????

  4. I note that 22 >> 2. Good luck.

  5. Roxie

    Get enough snacks for two people and call this a teachable moment? Nah, too mean. Get snacks that you really like so if there are leftovers, you can enjoy them.

    Bummer about the migraine. Hope it goes away totally.

    Happy b-day to your mom!!

  6. My inlaws gave us their chest freezer when they moved out here. It’s basically where food goes to die. It’s so big, we can never keep track of what’s in there!

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