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Nerd Herd Preferred Over The Absdurd Chauffered

Whoo hoo! The self-proclaimed “Nerd Herd” showed up for the party and a good time was had by most (I hate to be presumptuous and say a good time was had by all).  There wasn’t an official head count, but I believe there were 17 Knowledge Bowl members and one other adult present. The other coach was unable to make it.

These kids are smart. Very smart.  Not only were they undefeated this season, but in most meets the 2nd place teams didn’t even score half as many points as these kids. Sadly, there wasn’t enough money in the schools’ budgets for them to have a district meet. 

Some of the boys were enamoured with my DH’s Star Wars and Star Trek  memorabilia.

Some played chess.

They all ate, laughed and were very well-behaved, in spite of being loud.  Many of them could quote scenes from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” as well as any classic D & D player.


The most wild events of the evening included someone throwing M & M’s,  one of the boys letting the girls put eye-liner on him (he washed it off before I could take a picture) and 9 kids trying to all fit on one couch at the same time.  Spending time with this young crowd paints an optimistic picture for our future. Believe me, after working in public schools for 3 years I can honestly say that this isn’t always the case.

I baked them a cake and picked up 11 pizzas. Because it was a potluck only about half of the pizza was eaten. Guess what we’re having for dinner tomorrow night!


It wasn’t pretty, but the lemon frosting was really good.

I had been given direct orders to be “invisible”, so I knitted a few rows on a baby cardigan and tried to stay in the kitchen as much as possible.

Earlier in the day (I stayed home  from work because of a raging headache, that later subsided enough for me to pretend to be normal) I ventured out to pick up the pizza and some soda pop. Along the way I dropped my winter coat off at the dry cleaners.  After leaving the cleaners I decided to be pro-active and stash the  pick up tag into my wallet immediately, so as not to lose it.  As I was sitting behind the steering wheel contemplating credit card slots vs. change pockets  the van suddenly rocked.  Not terribly hard, but enough to get my attention. I turned around to see three elderly people in an old HUGE Lincoln.  The driver and his wife (or some variety of female passenger) had stayed in their vehicle while the second gentleman ran into a store next to the dry cleaners.  When he returned, he got into the back seat then the three of them made ready to leave. But the driver miscalculated how much room he needed to swing the front of his behemoth car around. The “rocking” of my van was caused by the impact of  his car’s front fender hittingt my rear driver’s side bumper.  The old codger then pulled back into the parking spot next to me. I waited for him to park so we could assess damage, etc. Instead, after returning to his original parking spot he immediately proceeded to back up again (this time giving himself enough room) then drive off.  By the time I’d shaken off my disbelief and hopped out of my van they had already made it halfway across the parking lot.  There was no way for me to read his license plate number. Besides, I didn’t have anything to write with or on. Because he’d made eye contact with me before pulling back into his spot, I assumed he was going to stop, not drive off.  Luckily, the bump did little more than scrape the dirt off the corner of my bumper.  But still, he didn’t even bother sticking around to make sure.  Maybe the old guy being chauffeured around should have been the one doing the driving.

I’d prefer to be around boisterous, happy youths than quiet old sour pusses any day.  

Just one more work/school day to go and then we’re on spring break! Hopefully the weather will be nice. I’m taking the girls to visit my parents and go to the beach. Cheers!


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