WTF Wednesday: Home Town Edition

Well hi there!  We’re back in my old stomping grounds ( it isn’t really a town, it’s more of an area) hanging with my parents for spring break.  While it’s true that some things never change, others are so different it’s hard to believe they’re possible.  This edition of WTF Wednesday  features mostly the “Holy $#*! I can’t believe that would ever happen here!” WTFs from my home town… I mean area.

WTF Shopping: In these tough economic times many clever retailers slash prices, hold contests and turn to other gimmicks to draw in customers.  Sometimes they work, sometimes not.  This brave entrepeneur found a unique approach for drawing interest. 

The cockpit lights up and the green baby/alien sports a pirate’s hat while his head swings back and forth.  Here’s a close up shot.

 WTF Budget Cuts: The local city of Westport has faced some tough budget cuts, but that hasn’t deterred them from keeping citizens safe. Officers are out in full-force and visitors need to be acutely aware of local speed traps.  

The good thing about small-town cops is that most of the guys are pretty friendly. They aren’t as rigid and uptight as big city cops.  These guys love it when you drive by and wave or stop and say hello.

Hmph. This guy wasn’t friendly at all.    He must have transferred from a big city.

WTF Enormous Waves:  Obviously people living this close to the ocean aren’t strangers to big waves, storms or flooding. Even so, seeing the main streets of Westport underwater drew quite a few onlookers. These pictures were taken from the viewing tower near the old Islander restaurant (the restaurant has a new name, but I can’t remember what it is).  We parked several blocks away and walked down to view the carnage from a safe distance.


Each time a wave crested water would gush between the large jetty rocks, leaving rocks, sand and other debris on the streets.


Water in the streets and big waves aren’t the WTF factors.  But Jeez o Pete, why doesn’t the city have a drainage system already in place for this? And why were people insistent on trying to drive through the water.  A police officer (a real one) had to stand near a barricade to keep people from driving around the blockade to get a better look.  Some of the drivers even argued with him about taking their r.v.s through.  Then there was this group who stood directly on the other side of the jetty watching the waves and hoping to get splashed. 

Remember the smaller rocks and other debris in the water? 

We didn’t stick around long enough to see if they got wet.

 WTF City Names and a Flashback: Imagine the excitement a group of  hippies had back in the 1970’s when they pulled out a map and saw a real live town called “Tokeland.”

With snacks in hand they loaded up their VW van and hit the road.  They passed through Westport and entered Grayland. Anticipation mounted when they passed this sign. 

The van traveled on into Pacific County until finally, they arrived!


WTF? it wasn’t really  a “Toke” land and that wasn’t really a “pot” shed along the way. Nirvana doesn’t exist.  In disappointment they drive back to Olympia, don suits and become politicians.

WTF Normal:  While driving towards Tokeland to take the girls to the beach we spotted a large black mass near the road.  It looked too big to be a bear and as we got closer one of my girls exclaimed, “It’s a cow!”

I said, “No, it’s a bull.” To which she replied, “How do you know?”  Cricket, cricket… can you tell my girls don’t live in the country? 

He wasn’t charging vehicles or hurting anyone, but dusk was settling and I was afraid he’d wander on the road and get hit by a car.  Another vehicle stopped and asked if he was mine. I told them no, but asked if they’d go knock on the door at the end of the driveway to see if they were missing any cattle.  When the owner came out (it was theirs) I knew him.  It was Mr. Doyle. His three children went to school with us years ago. Apparently the bull wasn’t aggressive because the only thing he brought with him to corral it back to the pasture (across the street and down the road) was his bicycle. 

Mr. Doyle and his bicycle are behind the bull in this picture. The critter would move a few feet at a time, then start to eat again. Some times the grass really is greener and this guy wanted some.

Eventually the bull decided to re-enter the pasture through a hole in the fence, rather than the open gate. With the excitement over we continued on. Either this afternoon or tomorrow we’ll pack up and head home. We love visiting with my parents, but too much excitement is taxing.



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday: Home Town Edition

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I love the bull story. As for the people and the waterbreak? So many ways to spell stupid, isn’t there? Have a safe trip home, kiddo!!

  2. Christy

    Awe the highlights of “Only in Wa”…lol…I miss it there can you tell? Teddy bear bulls, waves splashing, cold windy days….home sweet home…sorta…lol…thanks for sharing HP. I enjoyed reminising (sp?) about days long ago growing up. We had a ‘visiting’ bull named Billy. He was HUGE and had a ring in his nose which made him look mean! BUT, he was the biggest teddy bear of a bull you ever saw next to this one. All you had to do was tell him “Billy get back in the pen” and it was like you took the wind out of his sail. He’d drop his head and slumber back to the pen like a kid sent to their room for being bad. Awe the good ole days!

  3. Roxie

    At least the kids didn’t say, “Gee that cow must give lots of milk. Look at that big udder.” (This I have heard at a rodeo. The speaker was adult and female – and blonde.)

    Love the spaceman pirate!

    Idiots and water – you wonder if they’re the ones who dropped dad’s electric shaver in the potty when they were two. Some people are BORN to be drowned!!

  4. Erin

    AWESOME! Stupid Westport under water…stupid tourists. I love the bull…so sweet! Did you guys check out wash away? CRAZY! Thanx for sharing and your pictures are great!

  5. Gillian

    Glad the bull got home safely. We have the same trouble around here with the gypsy horses getting onto the paths and roads, but they are so well handled and tame they will follow anyone home again.
    Cheers Gillian

  6. The cop looks so real! What a great way to control traffic without having to pay an hourly wage! Or benefits! Heck, you don’t even have to have a running vehicle! Hope you had fun on the coast. Hope to see you soon!

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