Happy Friday! It’s been almost two years since having a proper knitting get away with the gals from the Tri-Cities area. IT’S TIME! The original cabin is not an option, but this weekend I plan on contacting Susan, Penny, Michelle and anyone else I can reach from over there to see what upcoming dates would work best for everyone and then it’s I need to start scouting around. We need reasonable accommodations (meaning fairly cheap, but with indoor plumbing) for about 10 (or 30, should we convince anybody new to join the adventure) where we won’t get kicked out should Judie or Fun-Donna decide to whoop it up in grand style. Perhaps in the Mt. Hood area or someplace else along the gorge. Any suggestions?

p.s., Arwen insists on coming too!



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6 responses to “Friday

  1. Roxie

    I can see you knitters infesting the firplace area of the Bonneville Hot Springs and Spa, telling knotty stories, drinking strong intoxicants and stringing along the busboys with lies, damn lies, and needle-sharp witticisms. But I don’t think they’ll let ten of you stay in the same room.

    • No, I was just out at various websites, including theirs, and most places frown upon more than 5 guests per room. We need to find a cabin or something similar…

  2. Rae

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  3. Karen O

    My only suggestion is TAKE ME! TAKE ME WITH YOU! Love, K

  4. Karen O

    Just heard of a place in Seabeck (I tried to text you, but I remember how unsuccessful you said that often is). I’ll see if I can get more details for you. Hugs, K

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