Time With My Girls

My poor DH had national guard training this weekend.  He enjoys serving,  but 12 days of straight work can be tiring.  The weather was gloriously sunny with mild temperatures both Saturday and Sunday so I worked outside on our front yard.  A3 has decided that she’s terrified of wasps (although I only saw honey bees flitting about) so she watched from the windows, while A2 and I bustled about.  Besides the usual lawn mowing and weeding we undertook to daunting task of removing a hedge along the front of our house.  It had grown out of control and was up against the siding, in spite of numerous attempts to keep a clear path between the house and the bushes. Not only that, but it was just plain ugly most of the year. During the winter months this is how it looked.

Some of the roots and center trunks were almost the diameter of my wrist and were bigger than the manual limb cutter could manage so I had to use a small chain saw to cut through them.

A2 was a trooper and we managed to dig out most of the root clumps.  Once they were gone then we planted lavender, edged the flower bed and spread some mulch.  The cherry tree is in full bloom, the lilac bush (which must be moved this fall) is starting to open and many other spring blossoms kept us company.


Our final outdoor task was to move the bench that belonged to my late Father-in-law.  For many years we would drink his morning coffee and smoke a cigarette while sitting here. The boards are warped down at one end from him sitting there.  A2 scrubbed the cobwebs off of it and we plan on putting a protective finish on it later.

There is still a ton of work left to do, but this is how the yard looked Sunday afternoon.

A3 and I continued our 3 day Monopoly marathon.  She owned most of the board, including all of the railroads. The meager holdings in my possession had largely been mortgaged to pay train fare and rent.

She generously offered to give me money, but even Bonny knew it was time to quit.

In return, I taught her how to make macaroni and cheese.  She followed each step meticulously and it turned out perfect.

A1 had no interest in yard work or cooking so I took her shopping to pick up some make-up and she picked out some movies for us to watch together in the evenings. Note to self, “Don’t watch scary movies if you expect to sleep at night.” 

I must have really enjoyed the current socks in progress because I knitted both toes twice.  Same mistake, same place.  Duh.

Happy Monday everyone!



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2 responses to “Time With My Girls

  1. Roxie

    Your girls have the most wonderful mom!

    Love the old bench with its warped seat. What a splendid weekend!

  2. Gillian

    Yes it’s yard tidy-up time here too. The first real bit of sun shone last weekend and people were seen out in summer clothes! Not me.
    Cheers Gillian

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