Ten On Tuesday

To disguise a lack of knitting content I’m going to join fellow bloggers in  a “Ten On Tuesday” post.  Today’s list… some things my mother told me over the years.

1.  Always keep a nice, heavy cast-iron skillet in your kitchen.   

2. Everyone has to sleep sometime. If a man ever hits you, wait until he’s asleep then whack him good with that cast iron skillet.  Make the first hit count (knock him out), add a few more for good measure, then leave and never go back.  When he wakes up the words “Griswold Cast Iron #9” should be imbedded on his forehead.

3. Avoid men with cooking trademarks on their foreheads.

4. Don’t drink too much coffee.

5. Drink more water.

6. Go outside everyday and get some fresh air, even if there’s a hurricane.  You’ll feel better.

7.  Don’t twist your stitches while knitting.

8. Don’t check your brain at the door when you go to college.

9. All politicians are the same.

10. When pulling weeds, make sure and get the roots out too.

Thankfully I’ve never had to worry about #2, but I do have a nice collection of cast iron cookware.  I drink way too much coffee and not enough water though.  I can’t help but think that number 10 is more than just gardening advice.  Happy Tuesday!



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5 responses to “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Karen O

    Nice list–words to live by! Your mom’s a wise woman. 🙂 I only have one cast iron pan and whenever I use it, I realize it’s not quite big enough. It was, however, free. I haven’t found a big one in the second hand stores yet, though. I’ll keep looking.

  2. Ted Nugent

    Thank God I never woke up with Cast Iron Cookware stamped on my forehead.

  3. Your mother sounds like a wise woman.

  4. Roxie

    Your mother raised a wise woman, too. I like your Ten on Tuesday list!

  5. Christy

    11. Look both ways before you cross the street – or railroad tracks if you’re a car load of teenagers driving down the country road in WI. (http://www.wbay.com/Global/story.asp?S=12355741 ) and think of coffee as it’s ingredients describe it… WATER & less coffee than water…LOL…oh ya…caffeine too (or not if your a weekling)…lol…
    Have a great weekend!
    PS…tell B that vaseline is always good for pranks =) when you want it to be somewhat invisible.

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