WTF Wednesday

WTF Easily amused: I stumbled across a new (to me) website called Acting Like Animals.  Very cute pictures. Anybody need a llama?

WTF Practical Jokes: My husband’s work environment gets a little stressful at times. Lately the folks there have taken to playing practical jokes on one another to add levity to their day.  I’d love to shake the hand of the fellow who put the unknown black substance on my husband’s glasses.  This picture is hilarious.  It wasn’t permanent.

WTF Parenting Choice:  There are many approaches to education and each family must choose what’s right for his or her family.  However, the decision more and more parents are making to “Unschool” their children is alarming.  Yes, children are natural learners and they should be encouraged to pursue their interests. But to allow them to wander without structure all day long is ludicrous.  When they grow up will they “unwork”? And when children fall off of the grid in abusive homes (to include neglect) will the responsible adults claim that they’re unschooling their children as well?

WTF Boring Service: You know mass needs an overhaul when this guy can’t even stay awake!

Taken in Malta during a recent visit.

WTF Volcanic Activity: Dang, as if Eyjafjallajokull wasn’t bad enough, another, much larger volcano  named Katla,  is showing signs of waking up in Iceland.  About the only good news here is that the name is easier to type and pronounce.  I feel terrible for everyone effected.

 Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Karen O

    Ha ha! Joke’s on you (this time) B!
    Uh…Your Holiness? Wakey-wakey!
    Personally, I think Iceland is following Hawaii’s lead and making more island as part of its increasing tourism demands. 🙂 I think perhaps trains and boats will be seeing an increase of business until the volcanos settle down.

  2. Good one on the work prank. And the pope isn’t sleeping, it’s his skinny neck having trouble holding up that hat. (Rumor has it he hides cakes and wine in there.)

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Thank you for your WTF Wednesday report. Another thing about home schooling? I have noticed that the kids who are home schooled are wayyyyyyyy behind socially. And, no, no llamas for me, thanks.

  4. Roxie

    Home-schooling is a whole lot different from “un-schooling.” Home-schooling is a LOT of work with lots of association with other home-schoolers and even classes in regular schools (chemistry lab for example) that require the parents to jump through a whole series of hoops. Un-schooling looks a lot like free-range child rearing. But what do I know? i have no kids and lots of theories.

    Good prank. Want me to knit him some 6-fingered gloves? people go nuts trying to get them to fit right.

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