Happy Earth Day & Something Finished!

True, it’s merely a cap/hat, but this is the most productive claim I can make this week.  Our house looks like a war zone, the laundry pile is towering dangerously high, the yard is still torn up (without a permanent fix to the plumbing issue) and absolutely nothing has been done by way of preparing the garden. My mom asked when I’d be ready for some starts and cuttings from her greenhouse… cricket, cricket, cricket.

Anyway, this hat was knitted using about 1/2 of a skein of Cascade 220 that Karen gave to me back in February.

The remaining yarn will be used to create a short, matching scarf… or something else, at a later date.  I love green!

I’m hoping to start chart B of the Brandywine Shawl  sometime soon.  The subtle color shifts in this yarn won ‘t overpower the pattern along the edge, but they should add some depth to the garter stitch part of the shawl.  It’s a wool/nylon/cashmere blend (can’t find the label right now) that I picked up at Dublin Bay  back in December. Maybe Hand Maiden Casbah? 

Roxanna decided to help us participate in Earth Day activities by sleeping in the recycling bin, rather than in her bed. She smashes the papers down quite neatly. 

Today was also “Take Your Child to Work” day.  My DH took A1 with him, but A2 and A3 attended school as usual.   Next year it will be A2’s turn to tag along with dad.   Cheers!



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3 responses to “Happy Earth Day & Something Finished!

  1. Karen O

    That hat knitted up so cute! I love the way the colors pool together. I’m going to go rest my aching muscles (Jack gave me a workout today!) and knit on a pair of graduation socks. Happy Earth Day!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Darling hat! I love the yarn. Brandywine is looking beautiful, kiddo! Kitties are so silly. Happy late Earth Day!

  3. Roxie

    The hat rocks! Excellent combination of pattern and color.

    Roxie is just doiong her bit to help the environment. Reducing her carbon pawprint.

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