Catching Up

We had no new adventures or outings this weekend.  On Saturday my sister and brother-in-law drove down, again sacrificing another of their precious weekends. My DH and BIL dug up the pipes from last weekend’s temporary fix and turned it into a permanent fix. We no longer have a water leak. Hooray! The yard bears an ugly scar, but it’ll fade quickly.

As usual, laundry, cooking and cleaning usurped most of the rest of the weekend. I knitted 2 and 1/2 dishrags and baked some cookies for the upcoming week.

My sister, Jackie, and I went to several garage sales, but none of them had anything we wanted or needed.

Roxie and Bonny have taken on a new game where one of them flirts shamelessly with the other kitty, who  feigns indifference, while secretly watching.  In this picture Roxie’s acting the coquette. 

The watching kitty will observe for a short while, then either yawn, take a bath or walk away.  Bonny demonstrates the “walk-away”  in this photo.

This game volleys back and forth throughout the day, with roles switching randomly.  Either they’re trying to make friends with or else they’re taunting the other. Who knows what goes on in their furry little noggins.

One of our neighbors came over just as the plumbing hole was being filled in and asked if we wanted any dirt.  My sister and I followed him back to his yard to check out the offer.  Oh my!  In his driveway was a huge pile of the most beautiful 4 way garden mix I’ve ever seen. He recently built some raised beds in his back yard and he ordered twice the amount of soil he needed to fill them.  I sent a plate of freshly baked cookies (I make big batches) to their house. This week I’ll be making trips with my wheelbarrow between their driveway and my pitiful excuse for a garden.  I’d rather have a load of dirt than jewelry any day.

If weather reports can be trusted today will be sunny and warm.  I’ll wear layers so I can strip, if necessary, or remain bundled. Happy Monday!



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3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    A garden mix? OMG. That is so wonderful. Worth at least a plate of cookies. I’m so glad you got your plumbing problem taken care of so well. YAY!!!

  2. I’d rather have a load of dirt than jewelry any day.

    A woman after my own heart!

  3. Roxie

    Your sister and brother-in-law are saints! Hooray for no more leaking!

    Free garden mix? I’d say those folks get cookies every time you bake.

    Was it warm and sunny up there? It was cool and rainy in Oregon City.

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