WTF Wednesday Replaced by TT Tuesday

WTF Wednesday has been overshadowed this week by Totally Ticked Tuesday.  Following another sleepless night, due to the previously whined about back injury, I sat down with my morning coffee to read my email before heading in for a shower.  Among the offers for weight loss, penis enlargement and investing money into my account for the long-lost monarch of a small African nation beset by revolution were receipt notifications from Apple I-Tunes.  Four receipts to be exact, totaling over $160.00 that were charged to my debit card.   The long, sordid store follows the jump at the end.  In short, we had to cancel our debit cards.

On the way to work I realized that my gas tank was on empty.  I had no cash with me and only the afore-mentioned canceled debit/atm card.  A frantic search through my wallet yielded a credit card. We don’t use them and I didn’t think I had it in my wallet. Thankfully I’d left it in and was able to fuel up.

Once at work my back started hurting like crazy.  A few well-intended hugs from students and sitting in a hard, plastic chair for several hours pushed it to the point of being unbearable. I left work early and threw myself on the mercy of our HMO.  After using words like, “Excruciating pain” I was able to get an appointment with a PA. 

I showed up early for the appointment so I pulled my knitting out, only to discover that even though the shawl came out of the bag, the needles did not. In addition to pulling if off the needles, I managed to unwittingly rip back over an inch in one place.  I was still frogging and fuming when the nurse called me back. The young fellow asked questions, shook his head knowingly and deduced that I’d sprained my back.  He prescribed muscle relaxers, stretching, cold and heat and then wrote a referral for physical therapy.  If it continues hurting after another week then I’ll have an x-ray.  He made me feel so… old.

After coming home I spent several frustrating hours on the phone trying to sort out the debit card/Apple fiasco.  At some point I wandered past my girls’ bedrooms and noticed that A2’s fish was looking rather “buoyant”. Normally Sammy hangs out near the bottom or middle of his/her tank. Damn, damn, damn.  A2 loves Sammy. She talks to him/her and creates artwork, etc. then sticks it on the side of the tank so Sammy doesn’t get bored. Sammy eats out of her hand. She’s had Sammy for 18 months.   As soon as she got off of the bus she asked how Sammy was doing.  Apparently he/she didn’t eat like normal this morning and was looking rather pale and A2 worried all day. When she discovered Sammy died there were tears and drama to no end.  Every attempt at consoling her, especially by her sisters, just made matters worse.  Rather than having a burial “at sea” Sammy was laid to rest in  the back yard with a private ceremony. 

Tuesday sucked. I’m glad it’s over.


Several points about this situation:

1. My PC does not have I-Tunes applications loaded on it.  It never has. Our laptop was the only computer set up to download music.

2. Our laptop is fried and hasn’t been operable for over a week. The downloads in question were made Monday evening.

3. My daughter’s I-pod is broken and the last songs put on my ipod were put there about two weeks prior.

4. My email address has never been associated with Apple, nor has our debit card.  We used pre-purchased gift cards and notifications went to an email address we use only for on-line purchases.  We’re kind of paranoid about giving out financial information to complete strangers.

Even so, I woke up all of my girls to inquire if they knew anything about this and they didn’t.   Most of the downloads were games, with only a couple of “younger” songs thrown into the mix.  That leads us to believe a teenager, or young adult made the purchases. After contacting Apple (like pulling hen’s teeth to reach a real person) we discovered that whomever set up this account used our email address and knew the billing address for our card, which leads us to the understanding that the culprit was more than likely someone we knew.  Apple was unable to tell us the IP address that downloaded the games, etc. though without a search warrant, subpoena, etc. from a law-enforcement officer.

My Dh contacted our credit union and canceled the card. Our CU rocks. We will not be charged for the downloads. We contacted the local sheriff’s office, and gave them the information, but without a good contact number for Apple the officer can’t proceed. I called Apple back to get the direct phone number and was told that the number could not be given out. They said that law enforcement agencies should have that information and if they didn’t then basically, too bad. Apple will not assist us giving us a contact, nor will they let a regular customer service person disclose information to an officer. This isn’t over.  I want the person(s) responsible to face charges.  I will not buy any more Apple products either. They suck.




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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday Replaced by TT Tuesday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Holy crap, girl. That’s awful. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a huge chunk of time and concern. I would not own an Ipod if I hadn’t gotten one as a gift. I’m so sorry. And, I’m so sorry about the fish. Such a tough concept for the young’uns. And, get that back well (you are NOT old).

  2. Totally sorry about Sammy.

    What a sucky rotten day! Hope Wednesday is finding you in better spirits and spinal health.

  3. Roxie

    Was Wednesday Better? Tuesday totally sucked rocks. Definitely one of those days that can drive a girl to drink. I wouldn’t blame you if you knocked back a whole quart of chocolate milk!

    How is the back doing? You’re not old. The PT will get his come-uppance soon. Maybe a local version of Jack LaLane will arm-wrestle him into humility. Meanwhile, you take it easy. Sprained your back, hmmm? Wonder how that happened.

  4. Okay, you know what??? The same thing happened to me last week!!!! I started getting email receipts for iTunes purchases I didn’t make. In my case, they made six total purchases equaling somewhere around $150. Lots of apps for the iPad – and $20 for the Glee soundtrack. (I neither own an iPad nor watch Glee.) I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to call Apple, so I called my credit card company because I foolishly had stored my cc number in iTunes. They canceled my card and took off the charges.

    I’m thinking maybe this wasn’t someone you knew – I’m thinking it’s maybe the latest web hacking scheme. It makes me SO angry to know you were put through the same hassle I was.

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