Whistle While You Work

Friday my eldest daughter went to the coast with a friend and her family (the friend was celebrating her 14th birthday).  This weekend my DH had National Guard training. That left me and my two youngest with a wide open weekend. 

They chose to hang out and lounge, enjoying some well-deserved and much-needed down time.  The past few weeks have consisted of hurrying and scurrying to and fro.  It wears the kidlets out almost as much as me.

I bought over a ton of garden blocks and had them delivered on Saturday.  Sadly, the trailer that attaches to our riding lawn mower had two flat tires.  I tried inflating them (tricky operation, as they’re tubeless) only to find the rubber had cracks.  I tried buying two new tires then discovered that the new tires wouldn’t fit on the old axle.  I sought a replacement axle in vain.  After wasting about half of a precious work day I gave up on the idea of hauling them with the trailer and I moved all of the stones a few at a time using my girls’ old wagon. 

I also started weeding to locate the raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb and garlic from years past.  Eventually, the entire garden will consist of raised beds with small river rock in the walkways between them.  There’s so much to do.

During the evenings I managed to spin a little bit.  Here is what I’m currently working on. 

There is no projected goal for this yarn.  It’s just going to be yarn for now.  There’s a lot more wool too, so this project will take quite awhile.

My DH is tired after working for several weeks without a day off so he’s staying home today.  My eldest returned from the coast in a grumpy mood. Mostly she was just tired from having fun and staying up late, but she feels left out too because the friend just got a brand new laptop for her birthday.  Many of her friends come from families with significantly more disposable income than we have.  These friends are genuinely nice and don’t act like brats, but A1 is acutely aware that she doesn’t wear expensive clothes to school or have the newest, coolest gadgets. She also knows we do the best we can for her. She doesn’t whine or complain, but she still feels left out. She asked me when she could get a job of her own, but she has a few years to wait.  From this side of the teen years I can tell her that clothes, etc. don’t matter… but I remember wanting Calvin Klein jeans and my own stereo for my room too. 

Hope everyone has a great week.  Cheers!



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7 responses to “Whistle While You Work

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Sounds productive and enjoyable. Love the singles. It really doesn’t seem to matter when you’re a teenager. You don’t feel like you fit in no matter what. It’s just really hard. I was in the same boat as you and A1 and felt obviously poor. I seemed to be the only one who noticed it, though.

  2. Same s***, different decade. I was in the same boat, wanting the newest gadgets (although the gadgets then were significantly cheaper, like a walkman), and having to babysit and do a paper route to get them for myself. There’s no minimum age for yard work!
    Love, Auntie K

    • Peer pressure sucks… always has, always will, even if it’s self-imposed. Amber’s so young that her career options are extremely limited.

  3. Just think of all the calories you’re burning with that wagon! lol

  4. Roxie

    No bread? Oh noes!! Is this the diet where you can eat all the fried pork rinds that you want?

    The saga of the trailer tires is sooo familiar. How many of us have a great idea that wold work perfectly except for the one little detail like flat tires? Sounds like you found a good solution! And you are SUCH a hard worker!!

    Wish you lived closer. I could use a girl to help me with my twice yearly handwashing of all the dishes.

    Your DH deserves all the rest time he can get. A quiet weekend is essential to all of us now and then.

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