I read somewhere that drug dealers sometimes give free drugs to first time users in hopes that they will become addicted,  therefore turning the newbies into customers.   For many months now I’ve admired Dave’s beautiful weavings.  Apparently I’ve gushed about them and how much I want to try it too while in the break room at work.  Monday a co-worker brought in a small loom for me to try out. I can honestly say that my co-worker does not deal in weaving supplies (nor do I think she’s a drug dealer), but if she did sell weaving supplies then this would be the perfect temptation to start someone on an addictive past time  obsession. One where the user always wants more. Something bigger… to equal that same rush/ creative high experienced the first time a shuttle slides through the shed.

The loom came home with a very old, unfinished project set up.  I cut this off immediately.

The loom is small and very straight foreward so re-warping it took just a few minutes.

The one piece heddle/beater is simple and ingenious.  Once the loom is warped it just slides in underneath all of the warp strings and rests on the frame. By making a quarter turn in either direction you can alternate the warp strings. One side of the heddle has grooves all the way across. By turning it to this side then all of the warp falls into a groove and it holds them in place and can be slid up to beat the weft.

I only had time to weave a few rows before my younger girls came home from school.  A3 wasted no time booting me aside and taking over.  Here she is (okay, so here are her hands) beating the weft.

Several hours later (with lots of forced breaks for dinner, bath, homework, etc.) she’d made quite a bit of progress.  Even Bonny was impressed and gave it an enthusiastic two paws up. It’s way fun, but it’s also limited in size and pattern options.

I’d like to try a larger project with more warp strings and the ability to create different woven patterns. The problems now are 1. Will A3 ever let me use it? 2. Will my stash scraps hold out to keep her busy until we return it to the rightful owner? 3. Will we need to get one of our own? 4. How can I try out a more elaborate/ different style loom until finding one that is right for us?  5. Can I sell plasma to pay for it once it’s found?




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6 responses to “Temptation

  1. Yay, you got the loom.
    And you want to go bigger after only the first few rows?
    You’re already addicted.
    Check to see if there’s a local weaving guild where you can borrow or rent a loom. Some stores may also have rentals of small table top or riggid heddle looms. Also, Craigslist, eBay, etc.
    Or, make your own out of some stretcher bars from the local craft store.
    No, I am NOT a pusher, do ya hear me???
    I prefer to call it “enabling”.

  2. Roxie

    Or you could borrow my little floor loom when you come over on Saturday. I will loan it to you only, though. No kids. Sorry. I’m such a meany. It’s also just a two harness loom, but there’s a lot you can do with a plain (tabby) weave. Look at Dave’s last masterpiece. I like the tabby woven stuff better than the twill!

    Good on you! A new addiction!

  3. FUN!! I have plans somewhere to make a portable two-shed loom…I’ll have to dig it up. You’ll need a woodworker (I have one, but he has no time). Or go to Lynn the Weaver’s site: http://www.lucets.com/ for other toys!

  4. Cool. Another addiction. So cool;-D

  5. chillsider

    I was gonna say you could knock a simple and huge one up yourself from 4 bits of wood and some nails, but seeing the above offers you are already well cared for. I did some kelim weaving once where you can change direction and colours mid stream, great fun.

  6. Just had another thought–maybe we could hook A3 up with an inkle loom. I’ve been able to make yards and yards of trim (belts, headbands, etc.) with an inkle loom which uses crochet cotton (read: inexpensive) yarn. Just a thought…

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