Wednesday Without the WTF

Obviously someone here isn’t taking this blogging business seriously.  Posts have been sporadic at best.  No excuses, we’re all busy.

Today I’m home recuperating following an exciting day at work yesterday that included a trip to the e.r.  Nothing serious, just lost consciousness and had low BP from dehydration. As usual there’s something going around at the school and the little darlings shared their germs.  Whatever this particular bug was, it hit fast. I dashed from the classroom in a hurry because  I didn’t want to traumatize the first graders by vomiting in their presence. I didn’t even have time to tell the teacher where I was going.  My coat, cell-phone, etc. were left behind so she thought I was just taking a break… apparently a  very long break.   The wonderful ladies in our front office found me on the bathroom floor and took care of everything. They contacted my boss, the abandoned teacher, my DH and the fire department. Darn it, I didn’t even get to check out the EMTs.  A little oxygen, with an I.V. put everything to rights though and bloodwork revealed nothing more than an elevated white cell count.  No concerns, but the entire incident was very EMBARRASSING!  To top it all off, once home I used my DH’s phone to call my boss, who asked me if I was “Wanting a little attention.”  She also asked why I didn’t answer her phone calls.  Oops,  my phone was still back in the classroom. I’m not sure if she was joking about wanting attention part though… I hope so.

This past weekend I finally finished a pair of socks that lingered far too long on the needles. They were for a co-worker.

A2 dyed yarn for a science fair experiment.  It’s the old standby of comparing alum to vinegar as a mordant for the dyes to see which works best.


She chose the colorways.  Two of each colorway were dyed using the different mordants.  As a result we have two pairs of identical skeins, with hue and saturation variations due to the different mordants.

The colors are not very true in the picture above because they were taken at night with very little light other than the flash.. Here’s a close up that’s pretty much spot on (on my monitor)

She named them “Island of the Blue Dolphin” and “Spring Iris”.  She’s already asked for a shawl made from the dolphin yarn. 


Her findings with the experiment were that alum resulted in brighter colors, but the yarn was scratchier.  There were some other observations as well.

Tonight A1 has cheerleading try-outs.  She’ll be a Freshman next year. There are about 40 (I was corrected and told that there were 45) girls trying out, many of them upper classmen, who will probably stand a better chance just due to age.  Frankly, I’d rather cut off a digit than get up and perform in front of people.  Her poise and self-confidence never cease to amaze me. 

Not much else happening.  So far the weather this spring has consisted mostly of rain and wind, with only little bits of blue sky thrown in as teasers.  Thus, I was surprised to see radishes sprouting and baby apples crowding the tree branches.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Cheers!




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6 responses to “Wednesday Without the WTF

  1. Sorry to hear about your “adventures” in school–glad to hear that everything is OK and that you’re recovering. Where do you get your undyed wool?

    • Hey there! I have bought undyed wool from Knitpicks in the past. Right now I have some sock blanks that I’m hoping to play around with in the near future. These particular skeins were purchased at the Sock Summit Vendor’s Market last summer for only $5.00 each. I like the Henry’s Attic yarns for dyeing the best though. There are several on-line stores that carry them.

  2. Roxie

    Love the dye jobs! The girl has a wonderful eye for color.

    Love the socks. Lucky co-worker!

    Bummer about fainting at work. I’m sure your boss was just teasing. After all, what DO you say to an employee who has been scraped off the bathroom floor and taken to the hospital?

    Hope you get yourself up and running again soon. Bless your dear heart and cardio-vascular system!

  3. HP, I feel for your embarrassment and I am so glad you are okay!

    Love reading the chronicles of your family and hobbies. You should turn your blog into a book. Really truly. In fact, I think your blog would make a good movie. Love you!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Great dyeing jobs. Good eye for color. That will be a very pretty shawl. Completed sox are always a joy. I’m so sorry you were so sick. I understand the embarrassment, but why oh why do we act like that? It’s not like it was a self-inflicted wound. Sometimes we are so weird (but tall)!

  5. So glad that you are okay…
    crazy lady!!

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