When I Was a Kid

Way back when, in the not so distant past, I was a kid.  My girls laugh at the mere thought. Life was so much simpler then compared to now.  I don’t think I’d cope well as a child in today’s society.  Just the homework and school expectations make me cower in fear at the mere thought.  We never had this much homework to do or so many big projects.  This weekend our whole family concentrated on knocking out major homework assignments.  We made five trips to the store for special supplies. We took and developed pictures. We proofread, corrected and gave back writing to be re-written by some very unhappy children. We hosted four girls over to create a product and film a commercial.  I’ve no idea how I ended up serving them fictitious candy bars while dressed in a cat suit, but I’d better be put in a good home when I grow old.  If it ends up on Youtube someone will be losing their cell phone for a month.  Another science fair board was assembled too.  To my daughters, this kind of work load and pressure are the norm. This is only a slight increase due to the school year winding down.  Yet they gawk at me with incredulity when I tell them that all of our school work (except math) had to be written in cursive and in ink.  To them that is archaic, unimaginable torture.  They haven’t been taught to write in cursive and they only use pencils or a computer to complete their assignments. 

During homework breaks I knitted a few random rows on several different projects.  This is A2’s mermaid shawl.

Here’s another pair of socks destined for a co-worker.

Finally, a plain pair of knit-anywhere socks with some of the yarn that A2 dyed.

We have two half days this week. On Friday A3’s teacher strongly requested (as in, if I don’t go my child may not be allowed to attend because she doesn’t handle changes to her routine well) that I go on the field trip with the third grade class this  next Friday.  I don’t know if my boss will  grant me time off to go with such short notice, but I’ll ask today.  We were lucky as kids because my mom was able to stay home and devote time to field trips, cooking real meals, etc.  She did lots for us, but even she might have balked at appearing in a commercial wearing a cat suit, even though the assignment made up 1/4 of the grade for a class.  Happy Monday all!



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8 responses to “When I Was a Kid

  1. Karen O

    OK…I have to know…what class is it that requires the creation of a commercial and makes up 1/4 of their grade? Math? English? Consumerism 101? Or is this a pre-college marketing class?

    • I think it’s for her Leadership class, but it may be for English… I’ll have to ask her. I hate it when they’re assigned to do group projects for grades though.

  2. You are a good mom to wear a cat suit that will be forever on film (or is that memorex) lol.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Make sure it’s a luxury home.

  4. In order that you retain your sanity, I shall share the following: Neatnik (2nd grade) is required to do all of her work in cursive. Not with pen yet, though.

  5. I agreed to be the nanny in Rachel’s ballet school’s version of The Sleeping Beauty . . . the things we do for our kids!

  6. That mermaid shawl looks so interesting – can’t wait to see it finished!

  7. Roxie

    I’d pay money to see that commercial.

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