Memorial Day

Thank you to all of the Veterans, past and present, who served our country. We’re truly blessed because of their sacrifices.  I’m especially thankful that my daughters live in the time and place that they do. 










As per the norm, it rained all day Saturday and Sunday. However, Monday afternoon the clouds parted to reveal blue skies.

I was beginning to doubt they really existed.  Being rather opportunistic we threw hot dogs, etc. in a cooler and headed to a nearby park.  None of us had been there before, but we’d seen the signs often enough and were curious. 

There were trails to hike, but the hills were still very slick and unsafe so we couldn’t go far.

The girls were so excited to cook over a fire that my DH could barely get the kindling lit before the hotdogs were speared.

A host of stellar jays lurked in the trees and kept vigil of any morsels of food that fell on the ground. They were too shy pick any up while we were there, but when we left they swooped in for a royal feast (we dropped lots of food).

An example of properly cooked marshmallows… afterall, raw or undercooked marshmallows will give you worms.

Near our picnic site we discovered an abundance of stinging nettles, foxgloves and toxic mushrooms.


Not great for kids, but if you’re into making homemade poisons then  this place was the bomb!  Thankfully, my girls have all outgrown that, “Let’s put it in our mouth” phase of development, but little ones would need watching. 

The only real drawback to our outing was that the mystery park ended up being directly underneath I-5. 

From a distance it is possible to pretend that freeway noise is the sound of the ocean. I’ve done this before and it works quite well. Unfortunately, we weren’t at a distance. But hey, it wasn’t crowded!

Other happenings this weekend included going to several garage sales.  A few small items were picked up.  I also found a silver (plated, I’m sure) coffee set for next to nothing.

Knitting was limited to a few sock rows and making body parts for a pink cat-Pokemon thingy called, “Mew“.

It’s hard to believe that June starts tomorrow! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. Cheers!





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2 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. So glad you had good enough weather to cook outside. I bought a BBQ for the courtyard a few weeks ago and have only been able to use it once!
    Lovely to have such a great family day.
    Cheers Gillian

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. It is hard when it rains all the time, but you got to have a cookout and that’s a big YAY! Hugs.

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