Rumors Heard Sunday Morning

Okay, so last night I did bring another cat home, but let me explain.  A3 and I went to buy groceries and as we were leaving the parking lot a little gray cat darted in front of us.  She made it safely to the bushes on the other side but we noticed an orange cat walking towards us from the place she just came from.  Both kitties appeared to be about 6 months old. They looked thin, but not emaciated. It just so happened that we had a bag of Friskies from our grocery trip so we stopped to share some with the kitties. The little orange guy (definitely male) started purring and rubbing against A3 between scarfing down mouthfuls of kibble. He had a spot near one ear that looked like he’d been hurt and he was a little dirty. The little gray kitty wouldn’t come out.  I tried finding her but eventually I just left some food for her in the bushes and we came home.  Several hours later I had to go pick up A1 from an end of the year party (well-supervised with lots of parents) she’d attended. On the way I swung by the parking lot to see if the gray kitty had come out and how they were doing.  There was no sign of her/him but the little orange guy came running when I opened the door.  He rode with me to get A1 and then we went back to search for his friend.  About 11:30 pm we decided to bring him home to spend the night in our garage.  This morning we’ll go back and try to find the gray one again. 

The girls are calling the little boy, Steven.  He’s very affectionate. This picture doesn’t do him justice, he’s quite a handsome little fellow.

My husband’s parting words this morning as he left for drill were, “He’s not staying. You need to call the Humane Society.”

As sweet as Steve is, we just can’t keep him.  Two kitties and two birds max out the time and finances available to properly care for pets in our home.  My guess is that someone dumped the two behind the strip mall because they couldn’t or didn’t want to take care of them.

Bonny and Roxie have their tails in a knot too. Both cats can hear and smell him through the garage door and both cats are aggressively ignoring me.  (Meaning that they follow me from room to room then turn their butts towards me and start grooming) The girls are mad because I told them that we can’t keep Steven, they have to wash their hands after touching him, and that he can’t come in the house with our cats.  I’ve explained about diseases being transferable, etc. but I’m still the bad guy.  The Humane Society isn’t really happy to take him (them if we can find the other one) either. They have lots of cats and not enough homes.  I don’t know if they charge a drop off fee for animals… hopefully not.

The entire affair is quite sad, but hopefully it will have a happy ending with both kitties finding new homes (not here). 



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6 responses to “Rumors Heard Sunday Morning

  1. Erin

    I love you for doing this. What kind of world would we live in if we didn’t try to help the innocents?

    My husband says “If an elephant came walking down the street you would adopt that too, wouldn’t you!” I said, “yes…yes I would! Now stop talking to me and go get some peanuts in case he comes soon!”

    Hugs and good luck! Some day I’ll tell you the story of little miss “Allie Cat” who adopted us then blessed us with 4 babies….that made 6 cats in a 750sq ft house!

  2. Oh he is a very handsome boy – too bad you can’t keep him. I have a soft spot for orange boys, but I live too far away and I’m already over my two cat limited imposed by the boyfriend.
    I hope you find a nice home for him (and Steve is a great name!)

  3. Roxie

    Bless your dear heart. Red boys are SO social and cheery. Steve should have no trouble finding a home. I think he ought to go to work with your DH.

    • Thank you for the encouraging words Roxie. I couldn’t leave Steve at the shelter, so he’s home again with us. If you know of anybody special enough to give him a home would you please pass on the information?

      Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and the lovely weather. Sorry I missed the party yesterday. Only 3 1/2 more school days! Hooray!

  4. Carmen

    HP — we would have done the same thing! Brian can complain, but the bottom line is that you had to do what you could live with. If you had seen those kitties and had NOT gone back to check on them, you would have worried. If you had seen them the next day dead on the side of the road you would have felt tremendous guilt. You did the right thing. I wish you luck taking them to the Humane Society. It’s a sad situation that irresponsible people create/perpetuate when they permit their pets to breed uncontrollably with no intention of caring for them. It is socially irresponsible! A single cat can have up to four litters in a single year, and up to 14 kittens in a single litter. Doing the math is scary. So then the good folks like YOU come along and you make the ethical decision to face the situation, rather than turning your backs and pretending you didn’tsee them. Which is what many other people have done before you. The good people at the Humane Society will do their best to find them homes. As a last resort, will euthanize them humanely. As opposed to letting these domestic animals live stressful, frantic, and much-shortened lives. The folks at says that domestic cats can usually only make it for about a year in the wild before disease or predators (or cars!) get them. Good luck at PAWS. Be strong!

  5. Carmen

    oooops.. just read your reply to your friend’s earlier message.

    In that case, if you don’t end up adopting Steve yourself (which is what it sounds like you are leaning toward doing 😉 here is a list of “No Kill” animal shelters in Oregon:


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