Once he threw up all over the floor,  Steve crawled up on my lap and slept the rest of the way to the Humane Society.  A1 took this picture as we drove along the Columbia River. Once there we told the receiving processors where we found him, etc.  They weren’t rude, but they weren’t happy to see him either.  In the end, they asked if we could take him home for a couple of days because there wasn’t enough room for him at the shelter.  18 kitties had been dropped off so far in the few hours they’d been open. While we were completing paperwork a man with two very small kittens was told to take his little ones home as well.  The intake board on the wall showed that 6 dogs had been received and 4 “other” types of animals today as well.  The ratio of cats to other animals being turned in was heart breaking.  We asked what the adoption rate was and the clerk told us 7 out of 10 for healthy cats received.  That means sick or injured cats don’t have a chance. It’s even  a gamble with the healthy ones that they’ll find homes.  I’ll never understand why people don’t think it’s important to spay and neuter their pets.   We’re placing ads on Craigslist and Freecycle, as well as being on the adoption list at the Humane Society. Hopefully we’ll be able to find Steve a permanent, loving home soon. In the meantime he’s our guest. 



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4 responses to “Steven

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Damn. I wish we lived closer. I’d take him because Esau Marie would love a baby to care for. Damn. I’m not looking for another cat (finances here, too), but I woulda took him.

  2. Roxie

    That photo of the sleepy baby is heart-breaking. You are so good to foster him while you find his home.

  3. Nancy

    Our HS won’t take strays, you have to convince the animal control people to come and get them and they take them to the HS. I currentlyl have 3 (!) feral kittens that I am fostering, and my own family of cats is in a snit about it. Fortunately, two of them already have homes to go to, but the third is waiting. And their mother is on my deck eating, but I can’t catch her to get her spayed. She already went into heat again and the kittens are only 8 weeks old! Who dumped her in the first place? We live close to the edge of town, so we get far too many strays. The vets and I are well known to each other.

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