Summer Vacation?

Guess the weatherman didn’t get the memo about this being summer.  The only happy creatures around here are the slugs.  My garden is languishing amid the mud. Hopefully local farmers are having better luck with their crops or else food prices might be sky high in the near future.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, Grandpa, DH and all of the other great dads out there!

Tomorrow is my DH’s 46th birthday too. As usual we struggled with what to do for him or get him to celebrate.  Working keeps him so busy that he has little time to do much else. Usually he comes home and collapses in front of his computer and plays WOW.  Truthfully, it drives me crazy. For years I’ve struggled between wanting him to interact more with the family and wanting him to get a chance to relax doing something he enjoys.  I’ve not allowed any gaming systems into our home because I don’t want the girls turning into drooling, couch potatoes. So many children now days rarely get outside to play or use their “down” time to read or create things.   I finally caved, threw my convictions aside, succumbed to social pressuring if you will, and bought my DH a Wii. 

For the past several days he and my daughters have bowled, fenced, golfed, etc. and generally enjoyed themselves… together.  I tried a few of the games, but honestly, they weren’t my thing. Still, it’s nice to see them having a good time.

Last month I sold the table loom and the third spinning wheel. With some of the money I decided to splurge and go shopping at Dave’s new store.  I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants beautiful, high quality fiber items. The first thing I bought was some merino roving in a colorway called “Oak Moss”.  My intentions were to spin a bulky weight yarn to make a Thorpe hat. I killed the roving. 

It didn’t turn out like a wanted it to. . . at all. I’ve put the ball of yarn away until the sting of failure abates.  I’ll decide then whether or not to try “un-spinning” the yarn or if I want to make something with it as is.

The other item I bought from Dave’s shop was this delicious blue yarn.  It’s some of his very own hand dyed, hand spun in a colorway called “Yankees Ikat”.  This soft, wonderful yarn will eventually be socks.

Before starting the new socks though I need to find the pair that I started two weeks ago. I set them down someplace and they’ve disappeared. Has that ever happened to you?

In the meantime I’m working on plain stockingnet stitch sweater in Sirdar Baby Bamboo.

Steve is still staying with us. We’ve had several inquiries from people who’ve lost their own ginger cats, but all of them have been older, neutered males. None of them wanted to take a replacement at this point.  He continues to be snuggly and he’s endearing himself to everyone, even the other kitties aren’t as uptight any more. Here he is napping with me.

On Thursday my oldest daughter leaves on a trip to Washington D.C. with some people from her school. I’m rather apprehensive about her flying across the country and spending a week in a large city without her father or me present.  I know four of the adult chaperones going though and I’m sure that she’ll be fine.   I worry too much.




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4 responses to “Summer Vacation?

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Your handspun looks lovely. I adore the sock yarn from Dave. You rock as a wife and Mom and worrying is part of the deal. I love Steve. He’s such a snuggler.

  2. Roxie

    Yeah, what is this with Juneuary? I wonder if slugs are edible? People eat snails. I’ve eaten snails. They are an adequate vehicle for lots and lots of garlic butter. But i’ve never seen slug recipes.

    Wii is not a couch-potato sort of video system. Hooray for DH and the kids! You may find a game that suits you as well. Yoga, maybe?

    Steve is soooo cute!

  3. Marion

    You just have to keep Steve now! I love Wii – not that I have one but I’ve played and bowling is my favorite. You might learn to like it. If this 60 year old can do it so can you. I have 26 work days then I retire – can’t wait. Can’t wait to clean out my yarn closets, cabinets, boxes and everyplace else I have yarn stored. I’ll have to say Happy BD to B.

  4. chillsider

    Weather over here in England has been so cold we have had to have the heating back on, but today was finally sunny.
    Glad Steve is still with you, a warm and loving cat is an enhancement to life, especially when it gets chilly.

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