Rants Ahead

Holy Acrylic fiber!  I just read this brief article where a cheerleading expert appeared in court arguing that cheerleading is not a competitive sport.  I must say that any valid arguments he had were completely dismissed with this one comment, “Competitive cheerleading is as much a sport as Chess.”  


The traditional jobs for cheerleaders are to bolster team confidence and rally spirit from the crowd.  I don’t believe that student cheerleaders should change these roles, especially at the high school level.  They are there to support the sports and athletes. However, if they practice and decide to go to competitions against other cheer squads then why shouldn’t attending those competitions be considered a sport in and of itself?  I don’t know much about other schools, but for the several weeks that I’ve witnessed my daughter’s practices I must say that I’m blown away by the athleticism and dedication of these girls (there just happens to be an all female squad at our school this year).  Each practice begins with a two-mile run, followed by rigorous calisthenics, dancing, learning and creating new cheers and moves.  This routine repeats itself 5 days a week from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. In addition to this their team will participate in quite a few community events this summer, attend camp and help with school fundraisers as well.  So, even though cheerleaders aren’t wearing protective gear and their main job is to rally crowds in support of athletes at other events, to suggest that they aren’t athletes in their own right is insulting.  Sadly, I’ve had several parents make snide comments about A1 being a cheerleader, with implications made that cheerleaders are nothing more ditsy eye candy.  The cost of being a cheerleader is certainly more prohibitive than any of the other sports or activities any of my girls have yet participated in (Chess club included). Uniforms and camp alone are over $600.00 (we’re on a payment plan).  Should the girls wish to go to any competitions then all entry fees, travel expenses, etc. must be earned via carwashes, etc. because the school doesn’t pay for it.  I was never a cheerleader, so learning all of this has been a real eye opener for me. The fellow who made the claim had been involved with it for years though, and he should have known better.   End of this rant and on to another.

I’ve not watched any of the world cup soccer games, but I did stumble across this little story. http://g.sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/blog/dirty-tackle/post/North-Korean-team-to-be-sent-to-work-in-coal-min?urn=sow,251341   I can’t tell if it’s sincere or sarcastic.  Then again, maybe the author didn’t know what to believe either.  I hope it isn’t true.

A3 has been bitten by something creepy and crawly.  She has a huge, oozing welt on the back of her neck.  She’s going to see a Physicians Assistant in a few minutes to have it checked out.  We dont’ know what bit her, nor do we know if it was inside or outside of the home, but I want to fumegate.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of last minute shopping and packing to get A1 off to Washington D.C.  She took my camera so I can’t take pictures for a week. This morning she called to say that the plane transfer in New York went off without a hitch and that they’d arrived safely, with their baggage.  None of the kids had slept yet though, so they’re going to crash later.

A3 has her first sleep over tonight that isn’t with grandma.  A2 is excited because she’ll be an only child. This has never happened for her before. Next week A2 starts a cake decorating class and A3 starts wrestling.  Still no idea about when a summer job will be squeezed in. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Rants Ahead

  1. Roxie

    I’d like to see that guy go through cheerleader practice one time. After all, it’s not athletic. (I like your rant!)

    Poor A3! Is she ok?

    Hooray for A-2. Hope she has a ball as an only kid.

  2. Everyone needs to rant now and then! Glad A1 arrived safely–I was thinking about her! Hang in there–life is good :o)

  3. Ok, that smily didn’t turn out very well . . . should look like this: 🙂

  4. Hope A1 comes home with the same bagful as she left with!
    Hope A3 sleeps some!
    Hope A2 wakes, having had a great night “alone” and looks forward to seeing her sisters!
    Cheers Gillian

  5. Carmen

    How our society can recognized synchronized swimming as a sport and not recognize cheerleading as a sport is beyond me. Cheerleading causes more catastrophic injuries than football! If cheerleading was legally recognized as a sport, it would have to be more regulated (which is precisely why the CEO of Varsity Spirit argues against it). And then title 9 might jeopardize other “more popular” sports funding in schools such as boys football.

    Check out this Fox news clip:


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