Three Day’s Worth of Catching Up

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny.  Breakfast was fixed and dishes done in record time. After three cups of coffee I ventured out on a solo garage/yard sale trip.  The mini-van stereo boomed 1980’s nostalgia as bargains were snatched up left and right.  Once home, items were sorted into a “keep” pile and a “sell on eBay” pile.  Here’s most of the latter.

Saturday evening I met up with Karen and the Patchwork Pirates for the final leg of day three of their Shop Hop Tour. I’d not met Kim before, and I vaguely remembered meeting Chicken Linda, but they felt like old friends and the four of us enjoyed a friendly meal at McGrath’s Fish House. The food was okay, but the poor waitress seemed a bit over her head.  Here is a rather blurry, but showing almost true colors, picture of some yarn that Karen had dyed with a Blues Clues food coloring kit.  It’s quite lovely. Unfortunately, my camera is with A1 in Washington D.C. and my cell phone takes terrible pictures.

Sunday morning we slept in (until 7:00) then puttered around the yard and house.  I harvested the first raspberries of the season from our weed patch garden.

A3 baked 6 loaves of banana bread and then we drove down to the Recycled Arts festival in Vancouver to meet up with our family friend, Davell.   She had a booth there featuring wood furniture, toys and home accessories that are all hand painted with her whimsical touch. A3 proudly presented her with a loaf of banana bread.

On Sunday evening A2 began complaining that her tooth hurt. By bedtime she was sobbing and the pain kept her up most of the night.  We drove down to the dentist’s office at 7:00 am for an emergency root canal.  It was 11:00 am before we got out of there and she’ll have to go back during the first week of August for a filling and a tooth extraction (baby tooth that won’t come out).  We’ve invested a small fortune in her mouth already. She’s had 4 teeth pulled, 1 set of braces and two retainers, in addition to regular maintenance and repair. At the end of August she’s due for her second set of braces. At the same time A3 will be evaluated to see what her orthodontic needs are and then she’ll begin the ordeal.  Neither of them are just having teeth tweaked for a “perfect” smile, they both have severe crowding and misalignment issues. Thankfully A1 escaped this.

While waiting at the dentist I worked on some dishcloths.  Steven shows us his “wistful” look while displaying them. BTW, we hooked up with an organization that is setting us up to be official “Foster” parents for Steven. They will provide food and vet care for him and he’ll live with us until a perfect home can be found for him.  We do love the little guy, but we just can’t keep any more animals.  The whole situation makes me feel sick inside and girls do everything in their power to amplify parental guilt for saying that we can’t keep him.  In the meantime though, he’s with us and we may be asked to foster kittens or other cats in the future.

Monday afternoon A3 had her first summer wrestling practice.  Two other little girls came so she’s excited. Hopefully they’ll stick with it. The three hour practice was grueling for the kids and parents alike though because it’s held in an upper gymnasium with absolutely no ventilation or windows.  A few more rows were added to A2’s shawl. It seems to be growing at a snail’s pace though because it’s on size 1 needles.  Roxanna loves to make knitting “important” by sitting on it whenever possible.

Today we have normal house/yard work and then this afternoon I’m going to Kalama to inquire about a loom. I miss A1. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.




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3 responses to “Three Day’s Worth of Catching Up

  1. Karen O

    The colors on the yarn came out better on your camera phone than they did on my 7.1 megapixel camera. The purple didn’t show up at all on mine. I’m so glad you could join us for the last couple of shops and dinner. See you in a few weeks!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Holey moley, you are so busy. I’m sorry about the dental issues. Poor Sweetie and poor Mommy and Daddy. Good luck with the loom. I adore your knitting helpers. A1 will be home soon. Hugs to you and yours and strokes to the kitties.

  3. Roxie

    Poor A2 How rotten to get root canal at her age! Poor mom and Dad, too!

    Steven is such a heartbreaker! And Roxie knows nice when she sees it. Good girl. If I take Roxie, could you keep Steven? (No more pissy males for us.)

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