WTF Awesome!

Rather than dwell on the absurd, this week I want to talk about some recent awesome happenings.  Overall, life is amazing and most people are kind, but recently certain events have left me gobsmacked… in a good way.

Roxanna is first up on the awesome roster.  I’m not sure exactly when I started reading her blog, or maybe she started reading here, my memory’s fuzzy, but over the course of the past year or so we began corresponding via comments, emails, etc.  She has even surprised my family with gifts and notes through the mail and several months back I was lucky enough to meet her in person at one of her monthly tea soirees.  She has the biggest heart of just about anybody I know and her recent offers prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.  When we found Steven and brought him home she immediately made an amazing offer to pay for having him neutered if that would help us to keep him. The girls, kitties, me and my DH have all taken a liking to the little guy, but we already have two cats and can’t afford any more pets.  As Steven continued to secure a place in our hearts we held firm that he couldn’t stay permanently because of expenses, etc.  At this point Roxie offered to give one of our other kitties a home so that we could keep Steven.  I’m speechless at the offer. Totally speechless.  Roxie, thank you very much, but we can’t give up your namesake or Bonny (or probably Steven either, but we’re going through the facade of adoption so my DH’s can still cling to any remaining shred of sanity).  My guess is that Steve will be with us for the long haul and that his “temporary” status will stretch into months, if not years. I can’t bear the thought of him going to live with strangers and I can’t give up my girl kitties. Anyway, Roxie, you are amazing and wonderful.  We’d love to have you up for a visit to meet everyone in person.

Next on the Awesome list are the fellows that work at Vancouver Bolt. Recently a lost a very small, but very significant piece to one of our spinning wheels.  The piece was merely a threaded tube about 1/4 of an inch long with walls about 1/16 of an inch thick.  It fit inside of a sleeve that attached to the rod connecting the treadle to the wheel. We don’t know when it fell out, but my guess is that one of the cats ate it or it was sucked up unknowingly in the vacuum (a valid argument against housework, in my opinion).  Searches at the local True Value and Home Depot proved fruitless.  More than that, the employees seemed beyond indifferent to my plight.  While visiting a local auto parts store (desperate times call for desperate measures) an employee suggested I try an industrial, specialty store.  I found VB via the Yellow Pages, but their ad made me hesitant.  Condescension and indifference at a large, warehouse store is one thing, but the idea of enduring it surrounded by construction workers buying and selling “real” tools made me hesitant to go, especially with two of my daughters present.  Because I didn’t know what to call the part in question I just took the whole wheel in with me and pulled a number from one of those deli-counter number dispensers. As expected, its presence garnered quite a few gawkers. Several coverall-clad men were brave enough to touch it and ask what it was.  Most kept a wary distance.  Eventually our number came up and I plopped the wheel up on the counter.  As I explained to the clerk was I needed (in layman’s terms because I had no idea what I was asking about) he began to smile until a Cheshire Cat grin covered his face.  I braced myself for the laughter, but none came.  Instead, he proclaimed, “I used to weave down in Arizona.  I don’t know what you’d call that piece either, but let’s see what we can find.”  That broke the ice and the next thing I knew, a flock of middle-aged and older gentlemen stepped forward to play with it and offer suggestions.  These tool and parts experts were also at a loss as to what would work best. After several trips back and forth to the storeroom, the former weaver emerged with two small pieces of metal.  He asked if I could drill out the connector myself, grind the piece to the right length and then epoxy the new “sleeve” into the connector.  He was apologetic that he had no other suggestions.  Yee haw! I just happen to have a drill, a grinder and epoxy is cheap.  This would work and I could do it!  He put two of the pieces on the counter and when I pulled out my wallet to pay for them he said, “There’s no charge.”  I questioned this, but he was insistent.  My girls took their popcorn (they’d been given free popcorn while we waited) and we left amid wishes of “Good luck!” and “Hope that works!”  They were all so genuinely nice and helpful.  I think they need cookies.

Another Awesome happening this week is the appearance of two girls, in addition to A3, at wrestling camp. Both are younger than A3, but one is pretty close in ability to A3.  They teamed up great together and I just happen to know this other girl from my work with one of her classmates.  A3 may be taller, but the other little girl is pretty buff and athletic.

(sorry about the blurry picture, still using my cell phone)

More awesomeness arrived in the form of a loom.  And not just any loom, but a Good Wood, Magic Heddle, 13 inch wide, slant, birch loom!  I places a wanted ad on Ravelry and was contacted by several prospective sellers.  This particular loom was owned by a lady about 1/2 hour’s drive north from here.  She is an avid weaver and she used to use this loom to teach students how to weave, but it had been sitting in her closet, unused for quite a while.  Two teeth were missing off of one end, but they should be easy to replace and the price was amazingly low. 

Right now I’m just playing around with some sock yarn left-overs. It’s a fabulous way to use up scraps… it almost makes my stash seem manageable!

Also awesome:  A2 begins her long-awaited cake decorating class today.

 A1 returns home tonight!

A2’s dentist has called the house two nights in a row to make sure that she’s doing okay  (above and beyond the call of duty)


Plans to stay home for the Fourth of July weekend and enjoy the Hometown festivities.

Hope you all find lots of “Awesome!” in your lives too. Cheers!



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4 responses to “WTF Awesome!

  1. Marion

    I’m glad you are keeping Steve! I was sorry you didn’t come to the retirement party last Sunday. So B wouldn’t feel out of place, I took out my knitting.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Your life truly is filled with awesomeness, but you know, kiddo, you have to be open to it. That says a lot about you.

  3. Roxie

    I’m with knitonepurltwo. You don’t expect good things to happen to you but you are open to them. And you appreciate, which warms the very cockles of my heart.

    OK, I won’t foster any of your kitties. But do keep the temporary charade going for the sake of your beloved. If you need vet bills paid, we can holod a bake sale.

    Y’know, I think it would be swell to get together and let your DH meet my DH. I think they’d enjoy one another. Let me run it past my beloved man, then we can co-ordinate calendars. This weekend maybe?

  4. Karen O

    You’re plenty awesome to others…it’s just coming back to you. Glad you found some parts to fix the wheel. 🙂 Cookies are definitely in order!

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