Pictures From Our Week

A3 at wrestling camp

A2 at cake decorating

A1 on tour in DC

(On the right in this picture)

Scrap sock yarn used to break in the new loom

As dear, sweet Cindy so dutifully reminds us, today is FRIDAY! Cheers everyone!



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4 responses to “Pictures From Our Week

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m lovin’ the wrestling grrl!!! A2’s cake is beautiful and looks yummy!! And, how on earth did A1 grow up so darned fast?????? Have a fabulous weekend and fourth, kiddo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roxie

    A3 has the most gorgeous long leggs!!

    The cake is wonderful. What flavor? Did she bake from scratch? Using the gummies like that is inspired!

    A1 – has dad set up the reloading bench in the living room for when the guys come over? “Stay out long as you want with my lovely daughter, and I’ll see you when you get in. I’ll probably be here all night, cleaning my guns.”

  3. Karen O

    I know it’s just a trick of the camera (or maybe my eyes) but the umbrella on the top layer and the white fishie on the bottom layer look like one big fish on a spear…reminds me of Cast Away with Tom Hanks. Mmmm…sushi! Looks sweet and delicious, tho! Love the team name…Spudders!

  4. Isn’t it just wonderful the way some days just seem to roll into a great story? Hope it continues through the summer.
    Cheers Gillian

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