Hello There Saturday!

What a glorious summer morning. Today is supposed to be cooler than the past few days, but it’s still ideal for summer activities.   Oh, the possibilities!

Fishing sounds delightful.  My brother, sister and I grew up fishing and my parents still go quite often. My DH despises fishing with the fire of a thousand suns and my own girls would rather play in the water or try to keep the fish as pets than eat them.  

(Trout fishing, North Cascade Mountains, 1980)

Then again, sitting in the shade and adding a few rows to A2’s shawl also sounds like a divine way to spend this lovely day. A2’s design sketches were quite specific and I’m working out how to transition to the next section.

(at the point where the pattern will shift and the top edges expand significantly)

A mid-day stroll through downtown shops ending with a stop at our favorite local ice cream parlour would make the whole family happy. Ice Cream Renaissance makes all of their own ice cream on site and our favorites include honey vanilla, peanut butter and fresh berry.

Coincidentally, they just happen to be next door to Vancouver’s only LYS too… not that I need any more yarn, but visiting and stroking new skeins is always a treat.

The Bird Refuge  is bustling with wildlife and a brisk jaunt there would be more enjoyable than circling the track at the high school (I’ve taken up running/walking in an attempt to shed some winter layers).

Many local farms have U-pick berries in season and my own garden needs weeding.  What to do!

Any or all of the above activities would be welcome; however, today my DH and I will be here, moving this and hauling it away.

New neighbors moved into the condominium directly behind our fence and they’ve complained about the smell of our grass composting.  They threatened to call the health department, but the Condominium Association President convinced them to wait until he could talk to us first. He was a delightful, older gentleman and he was very apologetic about their complaint.  After checking on-line I could find nothing stating that we’d broken any health codes. There is no kitchen or animal waste, nor is there a rodent problem.  The grass is confined to a fenced area in our back yard too, so it can’t be deemed unsightly.  I suppose that if they pressed the issue the new tenants could try to claim the smell as a nuisance, but I don’t know if that would fly in court.  Regardless, we’ve decided to just rent a truck and haul it away to avoid conflict. The green can laying on its side in the above picture is how much yard waste our garbage service will take every two weeks. Our yard isn’t huge, it’s just a little over half an acre, but that can size is laughable compared to what we generate. Moving this pile will be costly and smelly. Wonder what the new tenants back there will think about the smell once we delve into 4 years’ worth of grass clippings? Cheers!



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7 responses to “Hello There Saturday!

  1. That, pardon the pun, stinks! I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong and really, if you’re in the back yard often (which you are) it can’t be that smelly. I would’ve told them they were welcome to call whomever they wish.

  2. Karen O

    You could try layering the grass composting with layers of dirt, mulch, or cedar chips. It may help cover up the smell and create more lovely garden dirt for you in the future. There might be some lovely dirt at the bottom of the pile that doesn’t smell. Good luck, and I hope you find time to do something fun today!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Sounds like jerks to me. At least the association president was sweet. I don’t think composting is illegal anywhere. Does it smell bad or just like compost? Stupid people. Oh, and who is that gorgeous young thang in the first pic???????

  4. chillsider

    We [he] have 3 compost bins on the go none of them smell as they are kept dry.
    Grass clippings are slow to compost,the best way is to seal them up [possibly with other kitchen waste -vegetable] in black plastic bags and ignore them. They won’t be able to smell any more and eventually you will have lovely new earth – so he says.

  5. Roxie

    You, your husband, and the backs of both of you have my profoundest sympathy. I hope these folks turn out to be better neighbors once this is handled.

    My neighbors don’t pick up after their dogs often enough and the prevailing wind carried the smell of dog crap over to our yard. I live with it. They’re good neighbors.

  6. What a way to spend a lovely day. I hope it doesn’t take too long and you both deserve an ice cream at the end.
    Cheers Gillian

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