WTF Wednesday With A Contest!

Welcome to another mid-week post. This week I’m including some summer activities you can undertake, mostly in the privacy of your very own home, that will qualify you to enter a contest!  Busy readers can scroll straight to the bottom for  contest information, however by doing so you’ll miss the meandering prose of a middle-aged  mom, which in turn will cause the elastic in your undershorts to fail in a public place, ending in utter embarrassment, all because you didn’t take the time to read this in its entirety.

WTF Activity The First: Letter Writing: Several days ago my dear friend, Karen, apprised me of some dreadful news. The Red Rose Tea company has decided to stop including the collectible figurines in their boxes of tea.  WTF! We love opening new boxes of tea to be surprised with these little bits of inexpensive pottery.  We’ve amassed quite a collection over the years too.  The girls enjoy sifting through our box of figures and looking at animals, people and various statuary from the past. We each have our favorites.  A3 has started her own little collection that she keeps in her room (which she wouldn’t allow me to photograph).  My mom still has some from tea going back to when I was little. These older ones look similar to the new ones, but they are slightly larger and seem to shine more. The latter feature may be attributed to years of being lovingly admired and handled.

Red Rose has already stopped including figures in all of their specialty teas and in any boxes smaller than the 100 teabag count of their regular black tea. The only way consumers of small boxes can get the figures is to send the UPC codes, along with shipping and handling to the company. And gone are the days of surprise because the consumer must specify which figure he/she wants. In 2011 even the large boxes will be empty and require buyers to follow the same process. Because we only buy the larger boxes we were unaware of the change, and would have remained so until next year when we opened up a new box and couldn’t find the coveted figure.  Karen’s own diligence led her to contact the company, and here is the reply she received:


We are no longer putting the figurines in the boxes of tea. There is however an order form that you can cut out and mail in with a UPC code per figurine to obtain the figurines to finish your set.

 If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.


Jenifer Daley
Direct Marketing Supervisor
Redco Foods, Inc.
One Hansen Island
Little Falls, NY 13365
(315) 823-1300 ext. 467

I realize that this company’s decision to stop including a premium with their product will save them money.  I also realize that the world won’t end if we don’t keep adding to our menagerie. However, the demise of this program does signify the end of a tradition that I enjoyed sharing with my own children. 

My disappointed outcry might not make a difference, but I intend to write an old-fashioned letter of complaint to Ms. Daley at the above address. In addition, a strongly worded email will be sent to the address below.

WTF Activity the second: Helmet making: Is your sleep constantly interrupted by night-time alien abductions? Do the little gray guys have their way with your reproductive cells? Do alien implants make airport security screenings a nightmare? If you answered yes to any of these problems then this site has the answer.

You can order your very own do-it-yourself protective helmet kit.  Included are the special anti-mind control fabric and complete instructions.

WTF Activity the third: Shredding: Identity theft has mushroomed with the computer revolution and subsequent invention of the World Wide Web (thank you Mr. Gore).  Experts recommend completely destroying all papers containing personal information.  Many people now own personal shredders to slice unwanted credit card offers into fun little bits of confetti. If your home is like ours we end up with bags of shredded paper each month, which must then be sent to recycling .. where hopefully small, evil gnomes don’t painstakingly piece and glue documents back together  so they can sell our information.  Recently, by chance we discovered a more organic and thorough way to dispose of our papers.  We call it the Steve-O-Matic.


Our Steve-O-Matic starts out by thoroughly shredding each sheet of paper into bite-sized pieces.  Next some of these pieces are efficiently spread around the house and hidden in the most remote recesses of our home, where no broom can reach. A good portion of the remaining paper is then “nommed” with special kitty saliva until the ink smears beyond legibility. Finally, the Steve-O-Matic eats the most important bits. Once eaten they pass through the kitty composter and emerge disguised as Almond Roca. This method is completely gnome-proof and guaranteed to thwart all prospective identity thieves. Unfortunately, the Steve-O-Matic does not discern between papers you want destroyed and those you wish to keep.

Contest:  The main reason for having this contest is to tell the Red Rose Tea company that we want our figurines back.  Many people don’t have the time to write old-fashioned snail mail letters any more, but if you take the time to shoot off an email to this address:, then you’ll receive an entry in a random drawing to win a gorgeous skein of Kraemer Sterling Silk and Silver Yarn!


I understand that not everyone drinks tea or cares to write letters so to make this appeal to more folks I’m adding two more ways to enter.  The second way is to build your own alien abduction helmet (see above). 

The third way to enter is by showing one of your own animals helping you organically destroy your documents.

It’s also a sad fact that not everyone knits, therefore a skein of yarn would do little in their possession except collect dust. Should you fall into this category then I’d be willing to substitute the raw skein of yarn for a custom knitted hat in your color of choice.

So there are three ways to enter:

1. a. Write an email to Red Rose Tea asking them to bring back the figurines.  Send me a message saying that you did (I believe all of you to be honorable) and you’ll receive one entry.

    b. Write a snail mail letter and email me a copy to receive three entries.

2. a. Build your own alien abduction helmet and send me a picture to receive one entry.

     b. Take a picture of yourself wearing the helmet out in public send it to me and receive three entries.

3.  a. Send a picture of your animal in the process of document destruction and receive one entry.

    b. There is no “B” for this one. I don’t want to see the composted results.

Send all entries to this hpresson at comcast dot net (no spaces and replace the “at” and “dot” with appropriate symbols). Contest will end next Tuesday on July 20, 2010. Results will be announced on Wednesday, July 21, At which point (with permission, of course) pictures may be shared.


p.s. should you decide to make and wear the anti-alien abduction helmet would you please make a note first for all extra-terrestrial life so they can send letters to Red Rose Tea as well.  They won’t be able to read your minds to glean this information once you’re protected. A very good source informs me that aliens LOVE collecting the figurines.


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22 responses to “WTF Wednesday With A Contest!

  1. sophanne

    You make-a me laugh!

  2. I can’t enter your contest, but I love your Steve-o-matic…where can I find one?

    On second thoughts, I’m growing an o-matic myself which is currently obsessed with slippers and wires but will surely graduate to paper…

  3. My parents will only drink Red Rose Tea (stems back to our early years in Seattle). When we moved to Denver in the 60’s they didn’t sell it there so they’d stock up on every Seattle trip they made. When I moved back to WA in the 70’s I’d make sure they got a years worth of tea bags every Christmas. They’ve been able to get Red Rose for the past 10-15 years now. So where did all their Wade figurines go???? Garbage I’m sure. And the new Wades don’t hold a candle to the vintage, quality ones.

  4. A copy of my message to Red Rose:

    I hope you are getting a lot of emails about this, but I wanted to add my voice to the crowd.

    Especially in these trying economic times, everyone needs to cut back. Manufacturers and customers alike. But how do we choose what we spend our hard-earned money? These days, it would most often be a matter of price. However, when we know that we can continue a tradition with our children that we started with our own parents, when we know that a special pleasure is in store from buying a certain product, price becomes secondary. If you really do discontinue the figurines, my considerations will be price alone. And sadly our extensive collection, which brings your company a lot of good will, will stop growing.

    Thank you for many years of smiles and teachable moments about the animal kingdom. Wish you could see away around it!

    I almost wish my pets destroyed paper for more entries, but my dog goes for the writing implements rather than the writing surfaces!

    • Wendy, Thank you for writing such a brilliant letter! I think your pooch chewing on a pen (and thus preventing you from filling out one of the evil credit card offers) will suffice as a second entry. Cheers, Heide

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    I am writing because I have just heard you will no longer be putting your charming figurines in with orders. I’m disappointed to say the least. It is a shame that you have made this decision. I understand that you are trying to keep your costs competitive, but with so many competitors out there (Republic of Tea, Teavana, Adagio) the choice will no longer be that of remaining loyal to Red Rose Tea, but finding the best for the least. Although I have never collected the figurines myself, my figurines have never wanted for a home. Thank you.
    That was my email. Just so you know I did send it. Another plus for the Stevencat. He’s handy to have around. Untidy, but handy to have around. I adore these WTF Wednesday posts, kiddo!!!!

  6. Karen O

    I hope I get an entry for the yarn for pointing out the change in Red Rose’s policy on figurines. It’s one thing to say you can mail in the UPCs at the end of the year with postage & handling to get discontinued figurines, but I was just getting into the collecting and the kids love them–each wanting their own complete collection. I hope our small voices will make a difference, even if they only continue it in the 100 count boxes.

  7. Roxie

    Can I design my own helmet? The one shown in the ad has several flaws that most species of aliens will easily exploit.

    I take my shredded paper and use it as weed-thwarting mulch in the garden. Spread it at least two inches thick, soak it down really well, and tromple it a bit. It makes a sort of white papermache that the weeds can’t shove through. The Stevomatic looks like a marvelous investment for the home, though.

    Thanks for the addresses. Red Rose will hear from me as well!

  8. Amy Lounsberry

    i sent an e-mail asking to keep the figurines – shhh i don’t even drink tea, BUT i knit, A LOT

  9. Marie Todd

    E-mail sent! Save the figurines. My mother collects them – she has a lot because she drinks a lot of tea.
    knitmeahamster on Ravelry

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  11. Hai! I can’t believe Red Rose is stopping the figurines in the packages! I have some from when my grandmother collected them, every once in a while I come across the box and take a moment to reminisce.

    zomg that helmet is hilarious!

    Good luck with your contest! xo

  12. Beth

    I have just learned that you will be discontinuing the inclusion of figurines in your boxes of tea. To say the least, I am extremely disappointed.

    In today’s market place, offering a unique item is a certain way to ensure sales. Red Rose tea has always been one of our top choices, in large part because we could get something special in addition to the tea. Without the figurines, price will play a far more important role in our tea choice.

    Please reconsider this decision – don’t become another run-of-the-mill box of tea!


    Beth Bowles

  13. lol at the shredder in training! We have one of those but she is more of a gnawer in training and has gone through a few major expensive cords! (she even caught a bat last night!)

    love the yarn! So sad about the tea, one less fun joy in the world. Like those days when you open the mail to find something fun, and no bills!

  14. Here’s a copy of the email I received from the tea people.

    The reason the figurines were taken out of the boxes of 40ct and 48ct decaf teas (they are still in the 100ct boxes) was because we were receiving a lot of complaints about people receiving duplicates or they were not able to complete their sets because they were missing one or two figurines and couldn’t find them in the boxes. Which is why the Dept. D. program was formed. This allows collectors to send in an order form with one UPC code per figurine to complete their sets in a timely manner. I apologize if this has a negative effect on your collections and traditions. But you can still get the joy of opening the 100ct boxes and finding a figurine. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

    Jenifer Daley
    Direct Marketing Supervisor
    Redco Foods, Inc.
    One Hansen Island
    Little Falls, NY 13365
    (315) 823-1300 ext. 467

    • Thank you Jessica. It sounds like Jenifer Daley was a little bit short with you in her response. Hopefully she’s forwarding all of the emails to others at Red Rose, or at least telling them about the responses. Heide

  15. Sue

    I bcc’d you with my e-mail to Red Rose and this is the response I got!

    We currently are still putting the figurines in the 100ct boxes of tea. If you received a box that did not have a figurine I would be happy to send you one. What is your mailing address?

    Jenifer Daley
    Direct Marketing Supervisor
    Redco Foods, Inc.
    One Hansen Island
    Little Falls, NY 13365
    (315) 823-1300 ext. 467

    I never wrote I didn’t get one in the box but how upset I was they were going to discontinue them! Guess Jenifer can’t understand what she reads.


  16. They should keep the figurines in both size boxes. I can not believe anyone would complain about getting a duplicate.

    Dear Jenifer Daley,

    Your figurines are to precious to be dropped by the wayside, please reconsider keeping them in the box!


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  18. I emailed Red Rose Tea! What lovely little figurines!

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