Ten on Tuesday

Featuring 10 random happenings from the past week

1.   The girls and I went to the  aquatic center in Clackamas last week. We were all exhausted by the end of the trip, but it was worth the drive and expense. I found a favorite pink slide (open on top because I’m very claustrophobic and the closed ones made me feel like a turd being flushed to its doom).  Surprisingly few adults chose to use the wave pool or water slides. Instead most sat in chairs near the end of the pool and watched.  Sacrificing dignity for fun was a worthy trade.

2. The yard bloomed in spite of willful neglect. 

A lone zucchini plant blossomed amid the thistles.

          New  lavender plants yielded their first sweet smelling harvest.

Random flowers (mostly from our yard, but the butterfly bushes hang over our neighbor’s fence into our yard).


3. I started knitting an afghan.


4. I’ve been immortalized by having a Lego figure made in my image. This was created at the Lego Store in the Washington Square Mall, where you can assemble your very own characters. Knitting needles weren’t offered as accessories, but the large coffee cup works.  A3 delights in building Lego prisons and locking me inside.


5.  We fed mosquitos.  All attempts to enjoy family outings were thwarted by pesky, blood-sucking insects the size of squirrels.

overlook of the Ridgefield Bird Sanctuary

5. We stumbled across a little tea house that I’m  excited to try out. The hours of operation are limited and the tea service is a bit too long to keep my girls occupied, so making a planned reservation with a grown up is in order. Anyone care to join me for a cuppa?


6. I spun. This is 3.5 ounces of The Enchanted Knoll’s ” Black Magic Woman” that was a gift from Jessica last year during Sock Summit.  It’s black Merino Wool blended with sari silk pieces and assorted colors of sparklies.  The singles are about a sport weight and I’m not sure how they will be finished. I’d like to ply it to add strength, but I’m not sure with what,  or how many plies, etc. 


7. Visitors came! On Saturday our friends, Marta and Dale stopped by. On Sunday my Mom and Dad drove all the way out for the afternoon too.  We love company!  No pictures were taken because everyone was too busy visiting.

8. I turned 43, but if anyone asks my age I’m claiming to be 53. That way strangers will think I look younger.

9.  Over 30 people have sent emails to Red Rose Tea regarding their decision to discontinue adding figurines in the boxes of tea. Thank you!  Anyone contacting them before Midnight tonight will be entered into the contest to win yarn (or a hat).

10.  My cell phone died.  This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that we eliminated our home phone last year so now nobody can reach us.  Maybe that’s a good thing because we’ve heard no bad news!  My DH has an unused phone I can transfer service to. Hopefully the memory card from my old phone can be revived, there were some numbers and messages on it we need/ want.

That’s about it for my “Tuesday” list.  The old memory isn’t up to snuff, so something important was probably left out.  Hopefully nobody will take omissions personally, they’re truly accidental. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen O

    We may modify our visiting schedule for the first week of August if this weekend doesn’t work for you. Then again, I couldn’t get a hold of my Mom to ask about adjusting the plans, so who knows?

  2. Roxie

    If you would like someone else to goof with at the water park, give me a call. It’s sooo close and I’ve never been there. (Honey – are we busy this weekend? I’ve got a great idea!)

  3. I also cannot bear an enclosed slide. One of two things that scares me off of “The Amazing Race”, the water slide in Dubai and bungee jumping (upside down, shudder).

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