Wednesday’s Winner!

Thank you to everyone who contacted Red Rose Tea regarding their decision to discontinue including figurines in many of the varieties and sizes of their teas. 

Good intentions to have an impartial judge draw the lucky winner didn’t go quite as planned.

The judges were extremely  impartial.

One might even  say they were indifferent

with actions bordering on down right rudeness.

Luckily A2 was ready and willing to lend a hand.

And the winner is:

 Congratulations Wendy! I’ll send you an email.

I’ve not forgotten WTF Wednesday, but it will be on Thursday this week.  How’s that for a WTF? Cheers all!


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3 responses to “Wednesday’s Winner!

  1. Me? Or some other Wendy?

  2. Roxie

    Congratulations, Wendy! It’s luscious yarn!

    Love the impartial judges. “What? You want me to what? Huh? I don’t think so!” Thank heaven for A-2

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