A Weekend Plus Several Days

6 days! My goodness, time got away again. On Saturday my DH convinced his friend that taking us out on his boat would be the most exciting time ever.  I don’t know if the friend had fun, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We met him down in Salem then drove up to Lake Detroit.  I think everyone in the State of Oregon who owned a boat had the same idea.  It took an hour to get launched and parked because mayhem surrounded the boat ramp.

A2 enjoying the ride

My DH on the inner tube

a sock in progress

We all took turns riding the inner tube except for our host.  Not that he didn’t trust our driving, but there is a $200.00 fine if you’re caught driving a boat without a license and local law enforcement was patrolling both via boat and car.  Afterwards we drove back to Salem then went out for Sushi.  The restaurant (I can’t remember the name) was a nondescript place in a strip mall, but the sushi was wonderful. 

On Sunday I called Karen‘s cell phone.  Her family was camping near Mt. St. Helens and we’d planned on trying to connect up for a quick visit. As it turns out, they were just packing up their tent because the campsite turned out to be rather small and inconveniently located .  They went spelunking in the Ape Caves and then joined us in the early evening for dinner and a sleep over.  I was so engrossed with visiting that I forgot to take any pictures. Her kids are all getting so big!

Monday morning A2 had a root canal, A1 had cheerleading practice and Karen had plans to meet up with some friends down at Powell’s so we ate breakfast and said our goodbyes early.  Thankfully my DH had this Monday off, so he was able to ferry A1 to and fro.

A3’s summer cold morphed into a double ear infection several days back. She’s so thin and frail lately that even small colds wipe her out and she stops eating and drinking. Even harvesting the vegetables she grew from the seeds she started in Girl Scouts did little to rouse excitement from her.

Thankfully she seems to be doing better today.  We thought another trip to the doctor’s office to check for pneumonia might me needed. 

A1 left this morning for Cheerleading Camp held down at OSU.  Even though she’s going to be a Freshman this year it still felt like child abandonment as I drove off and left her with her friends.

Over the past few days I played around with some chunky handspun and my loom and ended up with this scarf.

This afternoon a package arrived containing the following items…

This was a birthday present from Cindy.  Could she be any sweeter? Thank you Cindy! It’s just what I need to finish up (and start) some projects that are in the works.  Should free time arrive I will delve into the new woolly treasures. In the meantime, some finishing is in order.  While waiting at the dentist office with A2 I knitted the rest of the sock started on the lake, but it was frogged back to the ankle because the heel looked funky.  A few more afghan rows were finished as well.   Last week I received an OTT light, complete with a magnifying glass (from my dear friend, Marta, who must think I’m getting old or something) for my birthday. She must have heard me complaining about not being able to see at night. So now there is no excuse for not finishing up some UFO’s.  Time now to go cook dinner. Tonight is the season finale of Deadliest Catch. That’s pretty much the only thing we watch any more.  I don’t want kitchen chores, etc. to interfere with viewing time. Cheers all!



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3 responses to “A Weekend Plus Several Days

  1. Karen O

    Thank you again for your kind hospitality and the home-cooked meal! We had a great time and I was so glad to see you again, although it was such a short visit. Hopefully you will be able to come up and stay with us soon. I’ll take you around to the LYS’s, have a BBQ, and stay up late drinking and knitting. 🙂

  2. Roxie

    Detroit rocks! But it’s usually colder than a housemother’s heart. Did you have fun on the inner tube? Your DH has great friends!!

    Bless A-3. Hope she gets healthy fast.

    Bless A-2. A root canal at her age? Poor baby!

    Bless your dear heart! Just when, exactly, was that birthday?

  3. I’m so glad you got some good stuff. Your summer is so busy. I just got back from Chicago. Gone for five days. Now it’s laundry!!!

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