WTF Wednesday, Short and Random

I’m short (relatively at 5’3 1/2″) and always random so this week’s WTF Wednesday shall be too.

WTF A1:  Yesterday A1 left for cheerleading camp, which is being held several hours away.  I stressed upon her the importance of taking her cell phone and charger.  I also told her to take HER charger and not mine.  Hers must be lost, because she took mine.  Driving down to retrieve the charger, and embarrass her in the process, sounds slightly appealing. However, today I’ll just go buy another so I can make some phone calls in a timely manner.

WTF Steve: First on the top of phone calls to be made is the inquiry about Steve’s fostering and low-cost veterinary services.  This past week he went from being a sweet and cuddly teenaged kitten, to being an obnoxious bully who channels evil spirits.  Yes, his head has grown rather large.

Actually, his head hasn’t grown, it’s the twins hanging around the tail-end that have grown (no picture). He insists on asserting himself by fighting with and intimidating Bonny and Roxanna. He’s started playing very rough with the girls too and he’s been biting and scratching them in the process. He also continues to shred every bit of paper in sight.

I left this roll of paper towels out after cleaning the bird cage. They were only there for about 2 unattended minutes while I took out the garbage and this is what he managed in that wee amount of time. Hopefully a trip to the vets will nip this problem in the bud.

WTF Advertisers: Yesterday we pulled up next to a commercial van while at a stop light and my girls started laughing.  A glance, followed by a double take, out my window revealed why they were laughing.  Who ever applied the graphics to this van had to realize that the pull handle to this side door was in an awkward location. I’d even venture to say that he/she chuckled as the TruGreen guys drove away with their van.  Would this qualify for Fail Blog?

WTF Disasters: There are very few knitters who will ever actually run out of yarn. I don’t mean running out of yarn from a specific dye lot to finish that last inch of the sleeve on a sweater.  I mean really and truly running out of yarn and having nothing to knit with, not even day-glo orange R3d H3^rt acryclic. Still, the very idea strikes fear in fibery hearts everywhere. Should you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world with no sheep and where all of the retails stores containing new clothes and craft supplies have been obliterated then here are some knitting alternatives.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday. Off to go pick up a phone cord and make some calls. Cheers!



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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday, Short and Random

  1. Prize arrived safely and thanks!!

    Your discussion of possible sheep extinction/no yarn/no chance of yarn is a scenario that gives me chills! Of course, I already have stashed away plenty, but what if…

    This is what makes me send my mom to a sidewalk sale this weekend just in case there’s enough Cascade 220 for, oh, anything, even though I have no more storage space. Luckily yarn compresses rather well!

  2. Roxie

    Steve looks like an alien astronaut. Get him clipped forthwith! I’m still willing to pay for it. Dawdle not. He’ll get used to being a teenaged jerk and forget how to be a sweet boy.

  3. Karen O

    Don’t talk about being short when you are 3 inches taller than me. So’s my eldest daughter…sigh.

  4. There’s a better chance of my fingers falling off than running out of yarn! As to short, I’m forever asking tall folks in stores to help out a short sister; so far, no one has said no.

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