I’m Dyeing!

I have had several sock yarn blanks lingering in my knitting wardrobe that were just begging for color.   

“Old Glory”



Elsewhere, we are now officially signed up as a Foster Family for Furry Friends pet rescue. Steve is our first foster, but we made an agreement that ,following his medical treatments and the removal of his “nuffies,”  should he settle down and resume getting along with Bonny and Roxie then we will adopt him.  If he continues to acts like a pill afterwards then he’ll be ready to go live with another family.  At least we know he’ll still get a good home. Furry Friends is picky about who gets to adopt their animals.

We may be asked to take in mother cats with kittens and other wayward kitties in the future on a temporary basis. My DH isn’t too thrilled, but he likes the words “Temporary” and “Adoption”. Especially as they now relate to our current feline problem. He too, is sick of the cats fighting.

People are coming by soon to pick up some larger items we are getting rid of via Freecycle. A1 comes back today from cheerleading camp and we’re going to my parents’ house for the weekend. Cheers and happy Friday!


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3 responses to “I’m Dyeing!

  1. Roxie

    Love, love, love the sock blanks! What fun
    The sooner you get Steve de-nuffied, the better. You don’t want him to start marking territory. Tom cat pee is just about impossible to deoderize, especially if he marks furniture.

    Have a grand weekend at the beach. Eat an oyster for me!

  2. Karen O

    Have fun at your parents’ house! Hope A3 is feeling better! Hugs to all, K & family

  3. Please find time to let me know what a sock blank is. It looks fun to be able to colour up some ready made stuff.
    Ginger tom cats are a rule of their own. He’ll be a different character soon as he’s “done”.
    Cheers Gillian

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