At The Beach

Originally we planned on leaving Friday evening for my parents’ house, but because A1 didn’t get back from Cheer Camp until mid-afternoon and there was still lots of work to be done at home we decided to wait.  Her team returned with honors, having earned 2 of the 4 available trophies, multiple ribbons and other accolades.

A1 also returned with 7 large bruises as souvenirs.

On Saturday we woke up early and drove out to the coast.  After using the facilities (the first order of business) we took a tour of the farm to see what was new. This is the path leading to my mom’s greenhouse and garden.

Her vegetables are doing fabulous, but she claims the garden isn’t producing “like it should.”  Her cabbages alone could feed a small army!

The chickens are still laying lots of eggs, but for some reason they all have naked, red bums. They’ve been treated for mites, but that didn’t seem to make any difference. My expert opinion is that they’re suffering from a rare fowl disease known as babboonous assitis.

The bog had little green berries, but the cold spring and summer means they aren’t as far along as normal for this time of year.

Not too long after “the tour” and lunch some long-time acquaintances showed up (the term “Old Friends” shall not be used, because I refuse to think of any of us as “old”).  We all are from the same area and have gone to school together since the first grade.  I don’t ever remember not knowing Debbie D.

left to right: Debbie D. me, Debbie F. and Carmen L.

The four of us visited for a while then we decided to check out the beach.

Washaway Beach in North Cove

The tide was in  so we didn’t have much room to play or go beach combing.

However, Carmen did convince the Debbies to help her look for crabs. None could be found… unless you count the dead ones rotting up next to where we parked.

Debbie F. had to go home, so she said goodbye and left us at the beach approach. Carmen, Debbie D. and I then drove down to Tokeland to have a look at a chainsaw/wood carving festival.  Some of the furniture there looked nice, but nothing enticed us to stop. Instead, we opted to visit Debbie D’s mom.  She still lives in the same house where Debbie grew up. Sadly, her dad passed away three years ago. 

Back at my own mom and dad’s we discovered that Grandpa Porgy had arrived and that my dad was cooking away at the bbq. My mom had already made the rest of dinner. Debbie D. left us to go back to her mom’s, but Carmen stayed for a sleep over.

My mom and A3 played some wicked games of badminton. The two of them were out for blood! After many games against one another they decided to pair up against the rest of us in doubles the next time we’re all together.

My mom and dad built a new fire pit, complete with a windbreak, running water, loads of soft, clean beach sand and tiki torches. It’s very peaceful. From one side you can hear the ocean and from the other side you can hear the frogs croaking in the evening. It’s perfect for camping or enjoying a summer evening.

When it was time to go in for the night Carmen played “Jeff Probst.”

The next morning my mom cooked pancakes and eggs for everyone then Carmen had to head back to Olympia.  Julie had spent Saturday scuba diving so Carmen wanted to get back up to see her.

My DH and I took the girls to the beach in Grayland. On our walk down from the parking area we passed  some men walking two adult dogs on leashes, while two wiggly, fat little puppies romped next to them.  They graciously let the girls play with the puppies before resuming our opposite treks.

This particular stretch of beach was closed for razor clam digging.

It wasn’t for the lack of clams though, there were clam holes and shells everywhere. I love clam digging!

The girls collected lots of shells, feathers and other beach treasures. The salt air had us all acting a little silly, much to the disgust of my children.  A2 timed this photobomb perfectly.

Only a wee amount of knitting took place during the drive out and while there. I drove until almost halfway home, then traded places with my DH and slept for the duration of the trip.

The brief time visiting with former classmates and my family was fun. We were very tired when we got home.  Our shoes and clothes are still full of sand. I can’t wait to do it again!



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6 responses to “At The Beach

  1. seashell


    Thanks for sharing, I felt like I spent the day with you……


  2. Carmen Lane

    That was awesome 🙂 I particularly LOVE the picture of Brian “dipping” you on the beach. So sweet! And A2’s expression behind you is hilarious!!!! 😀

    Let’s do this again soon!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    What a lovely time you had. These are precious times because those girls of yours are growing wayyyy too fast!

  4. Debbie

    Heide, I love reading your blog. Your girls are so beautiful and I truely enjoyed being around them. We need to do this more often and gather a few more people. Thank you for letting me/us spend time with your family. You are such a wonderful mother. Thank your mom and dad for letting us invade their beautiful home. Glad you made it home safely. Tell the girls hello. Debbie

  5. Heidi

    I have a crush on grandpa Porgy…. kiss that cute sweet face for me!

  6. Karen O

    Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Our weekend plans to visit my parents have been altered due to forest fires. 😦 The photo with you & B is just priceless!

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