WTF Dreaded UFOs

WTF Totally Self-centered Post: When I say UFO’s I don’t mean like E.T., more like the, “Wow, that looks like fun, I think I’ll try that too!” variety.  “Distracted” is such an inadequate word when it comes to describing my attention span. Even the large calendar hanging over my desk fails to keep me on task most days.  This isn’t a shocking revelation, especially to my DH or my girls, but this morning’s search for something (I forget what now) brought the grave reality home.  This is my sock yarn bin. Do you see those plastic bags? Each one represents a partial pair of socks.

Bonny helped me lay out the abandoned, neglected footwear. Seven pairs await either mates, or finishing. In one case, just a repair to a single toe would complete the set.

My lace yarn bin contains the beginnings of three shawls… at least. Those were just what were on the top layer. I’d no desire to dig any further.  The beginnings of two sweaters are clearly visible through the sides of my DK weight yarn bin and one almost finished hat peeks out of the worsted container. A hat! How hard is it to finish a hat?

Elsewhere around the house are examples of other unfinished projects.  Here is the beginning of a spinning wheel I planned to make.

Here’s a quilt I started hand quilting many years ago.  I have several other unfinished quilts languishing someplace too.

Half done Cross stitch, embroidery and sewing projects also lurk in closets.  It’s all so overwhelming!  I’m going to make a plan of attack then attempt to conquer several of these albatrosses in the remaining weeks of summer vacation.   No more excuses about dental appointments, car repairs, driving kids places, etc. 

Instead of cooking for them, this morning the girls enjoyed apple pie for breakfast. 

Every time I sit down with plans of knitting, etc. there are at least two beings who demand attention. Sometimes it’s a child, other times it’s a cat. Today I’ll shoo them away instead of bending to their every whim.

 Is it wrong to request follow up inquiries from you all to keep me on task  with these projects? Maybe external prods are what’s needed. Lord knows I can’t stay focused on my own.  I firmly believe that completing even a few things I’ve started will lighten my sense of dread, despair and anxiety that’s been growing lately.  Maybe it’s hormonal… or maybe this is what a mid-life crisis feels like.  If  it is then I pray there won’t be any urges to do a comb-over, drive a convertable or cavort with men half my age. Cheers!



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5 responses to “WTF Dreaded UFOs

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’ll remind you, if you’ll remind me. I haven’t even counted my UFO’s. I’m terrified to try;-P

  2. Roxie

    OK, finish that sock that needs a mended toe. Make a list of things you have finished with that at the top. Yes, I’ll be happy to nag you.

    How hard can it be to finish a hat? DO that!
    Add it to your list of F.O.s. If I have to, I will come up there and hold your nose to the grindstone!

    Steve is getting so big! And does he still have those nuffies? Get him to the vet!

  3. I feel your pain – I have at least five pairs of socks on the go, three shawls, a sweater, a couple of toys and two afghans.

    Just take them one at a time – they will get done eventually

  4. Erin

    Heidi Ho, my suggestion is to lighten up…as in lighten the load. Contrary to popular belief we don’t always have to finish what we start 🙂 How about choosing one incomplete project from each of your above mentioned boxes and closets and unravel, disconnect or otherwise disassemble them. Seems obvious to me that if they’re buried, they’re not needed. You can always start them again if a sudden emergency shows up for a pair of socks or a quilt. Just sayin’.

  5. Karen O

    I think I could easily rival your UFO count…exceeding your number by double, I think. 🙂

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