Flying Time & Bucket List

A1 turned 14 today!  I have vivid memories of her birth. She darned near needed  “formal eviction” to convince her to vacate her baby condo of 9+ months.  She still loves to sleep in a warm, dark place, but she’s become much more independent. At the end of this month she starts high school. She keeps reminding me that in two years she’ll be old enough to drive and that in four years she’ll be in college.   Time is flying by at warp speed.

As the years pass there’s been some serious re-evaluating of both daily priorities and of my long-term “Bucket List”.  My original list was written in a college journal, although it wasn’t called a bucket list at the time.  It included: skydiving, traveling, learning to play the piano, traveling, learning to speak a second language fluently, traveling, writing a book, traveling and a variety of sundry activities.  Not much has been completed from that list, but several activities have been officially crossed off anyway.  Now it’s more like a “Thimble List.” Skydiving was the first to go. And now just remembering the correct words in English can be challenging, let alone trying figure out dialogue in another tongue!  A few new goals have been added though too. I now want to do nothing more dangerous than to learn the Thriller Dance. A1 has promised to teach it to me this summer.

Travel still tops the list, but my travel venue now includes quieter places like isolated mountains  or obscure fishing holes. Historical sites and museums have replaced a desire to be in Times Square on New Years Eve. Seeing the textile collection at the
Albert and Victoria Museum  in London sounds more exciting than Disneyland any day! 

Today Steve left his manly bits behind in Portland. He’s since been sighted in the corner sporting a bewildered look while tentatively nursing his “wounds”.   Hopefully he’ll be a forgiving chap who won’t decide to poop in our shoes for revenge.   

Knocking projects off of my knitting list (made yesterday after feeling overwhelmed by UFO’s) is off to a promising start. While waiting for new tires to be installed on the van today I finished a sock! 

 Toe-up, knee-length sock, knitted on size 0 needles using this yarn.  This pair of socks is destined for a very small adult. Hence A3 modeling.

After dinner the toe on an almost finished pair of socks will be mended. Then, if there’s time, I’ll finish an almost completed hat too.

Happy birthday A1!



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6 responses to “Flying Time & Bucket List

  1. Sophanne

    That is One Fine Sock.

    It took some moments to remember that Steve is the cat. You tricked me good. I love that part.

  2. Yep, like Sophanne, I had to figure out that Steve is a cat. I think I reread that “Steve left his manly bits behind” about 4 times, thinking what an odd way to describe a vasectomy. LOL

    Happy Birthday to A1! What a lovely young woman! But then, she looks like Mom – of course she’s lovely.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Birthday A1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a beautiful young woman!!! Give Steve a scritch for me, will you? And, Roxy and Bonny. And hugs to you, kiddo!!!

  4. Roxie

    I want the video of you and A1 doing the thriller dance. (I want to learn it too!) She is truely her mother’s daughter – what a beauty! Only 14? She looks old enough to vote!

    Yay for Steve! He won’t know what he’s missing, and he’ll be SO much easier to live with!!

    And Yay for the finished sock (gorgeous) and the toe on the second one. You are just rockin’! Lessee, what are you going to finish after you finish the hat? You are going gangbusters and totally on a roll! Whoop, whoop! Yeeha! Kick butt on those UFOs! Heide rules!!

  5. Karen O

    Happy birthday Miss A1! Glad to hear you’re having fun with cheer and getting battle scars in the process! Good luck on the UFO battles…I’ve got a few of my own to fight, ya know…

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