While At The Fair

Friday was opening day at the Fair. Each year the girls clamour and beg for us to take them, and most years we begrudgingly yield to their requests after several days of staunch denials.  This year I decided to just get the darned thing over with and forego the whining.  My DH was at work, and as he’d rather cut off a digit than go to the fair, I saved him the trauma of going and took the girls alone. On opening day if you arrive before 11:00 am then admission is free. There is also a free pancake breakfast available for those willing to wait in line and eat standing up. As a result, the roads within a mile of the fairgrounds were a quagmire, parking required hiking gear and provisions for the trek to the gates and every Walmart in the county was devoid of customers because they were all at the fair. Not trying to sound uppity, but holy cow, there were some scary people out and about!  We arrived at the gates at 11:10, so we missed out on the free admission (almost $40.00 for my girls and I to get in), but we still got to rub elbows with the colorful crowd. A1 met us with some friends left us as soon after she had her ride wrist band. That left A2, A3 and I to meander.  Below are some pictures from our day.

The younger girls were very well-behaved and had a great time. A2’s biggest goal was to convince me to ride every “Let’s find new ways to make you hurl” attraction.  Eventually the Cyclone was my demise.  The guy operating the ride ignored my screams and frantic waving each time we whizzed past him.  When the tortuous spinning finally ceased he sauntered over and asked, “Are you okay ma’am?” Humph!  I tried to salvage what was left as my dignity and stagger away quickly so as not to throw up in front of him and the crowd of prospective riders. I like merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels thank you very much.

There were so many “interesting” people wearing unique fashions! I really wanted to take pictures to share, but I didn’t want to offend anyone… or get beaten.  Owning a powerful zoom lens would definitely be useful for these occasions.  A2, A3 and I left to eat, come home to change clothes and rest before going back to meet up with A1.  My DH was relieved that he didn’t have to go.  The excursion left us exhausted and I didn’t get out of bed until nearly 8:00 this morning.  A1 is having a slumber party this evening, so I need to go get ready for the onslaught. Cheers!


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5 responses to “While At The Fair

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    You are a good mom. I loved the fair when I was a kid!!

  2. Karen O

    The intriguing quilt is called a Bargello and is fairly easy to reproduce. I’ve never tried to make one, but I understand the concept. It involves sewing strips of fabric together, then cross cutting them and shifting them so they create a wiggly design. We’ll have to try it sometime!

  3. Roxie

    What a hero you are!! Was A2 satisfied when you hurled, or did she have conscience enough to be sorry? I HATE having to throw up!!

    It looks like you had a fabulous time. Hooray for you!

    All males have this built-in cooling system that allows the boys to swing away from the body when it gets hot. And they draw up close and warm when things turn chilly. Keeps the little wigglers at optimum reproductive temperature. Looks like that young ram is doing a fine job of cooling off. Holy Crow!!

    • Roxie, I managed to make it without hurling, but it was close. I made A2 carry my ever-present purse and knitting bag (no knitting done). I’ll bet that little ram has a bulging tummy when it’s cold and those babies draw back in.

  4. Gah – I can’t handle amusement park rides any more. Neatnik (thrill junkie that she is) loves them. Took her same day you took yours. I thought she was going to barf on the teacups and the rotor but when she disembarked, she shouted, “AGAIN!”

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