School Supplies, Diapers, Contests and an Anniversary

I just returned from buying school supplies… ouch! I remember way back when my girls were small and I couldn’t wait for them to be older so I’d not have to buy diapers or watch over them like a hawk. Well, the cost of diapers seems like chump change compared to the stuff they need now. And they still need to be watched over, but now I have to do so discreetly.  Anyway, I’m exhausted from the stress of the unavoidable outing and the expense.  An afternoon cup of tea and working on some knitting should be just the ticket to creating the mind numbing oblivion necessary to maintain sanity. 

The pair of socks I thought just needed to have a toe mended ended up having some more serious issues.  The entire sock was full of little holes. The holes were too random and ragged to be scissor-inflicted. My guess is that one of the kitties got bored. 


Luckily there is enough left over yarn to make an entire new second sock.  The yarn is my own handspun and I wanted to show off the colors so it’s a mindless stockingnet stitch.

If further distraction tactics are needed then I’ll succumb to the lure of on-line contests.  Here are the links so you can enter too.

Malabrigo Sock Design Contest

For The Love of Yarn Picture Colorway Contest

Life In Mount Joy Handspun Contest

Choo Choo Knits Fated Yarn Contest

Fave Crafts Knitting Brioche Book Giveaway

BGS Anniversary Shawl Giveaway  (seriously, this is a gorgeous prize!)

Fall Knit Circus Giveaway

Today is also my mom and dad’s 48th wedding anniversary.  Happy anniversary!



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4 responses to “School Supplies, Diapers, Contests and an Anniversary

  1. Roxie

    Among the possibly related posts is, “Speaking of poo . . ”

    What a sweet wedding portrait! Happy, happy anniversary.

    And you know that there will be more things the girls just NEED to have as soon as school starts. Remember when all you needed was 3 Dixon Ticonderoga pencils and a box of crayons?

  2. Your mom and dad have been married only one year longer than my mom and dad.

    Pretty sock yarn you spun – but what are you going to do with that which has already been knitted into the sock with holes? Reknit it into something else?

  3. From a teacher’s point of view, I share your (financial)pain over the impending start of the school year. I’ve been out shopping for the supplies I’ll tuck into my students’ first-day goodie bags ~ pencils, erasers, pens, bookmarks, rulers (3-hole punched so they can keep them in their binders), cute/cool stickers, etc. I have 35 students each year, but I always have to buy supplies for more, since I also tend to lose/gain students during the first month or so, and I want all my students to have a goodie bag awaiting their first day in my class. All I can say is “thank God for Staples!”

    Oh, and gorgeous yarn in those socks. One of these days I’m going to learn to spin, I swear.

  4. Now I am a grandma I have to buy diapers again – they have changed!! All my skills with a safety pin useless.
    Now the Glorious Grandson is back in the States I have to avoid the diaper aisle in the supermarket or I get miserable.

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