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In which I share a variety of photos and topics in order to distract everyone from my pitiful lack of knitting.

First up, look at this adorable sushi featured at www.musthavecute.com !

cute kawaii stuff - Hello Kitty Sushi

There is even a kit for sale so you can make your own Hello Kitty shaped sushi.  But while it’s cute, the  wiener garnishes made into hearts and the fact that the filling in the bows looks suspiciously like SPAM would make me hesitate to actually eat it… or refer to it as “sushi”.

Miscellaneous Goodwill Finds:

A random bag-o-yarn, a knitting needle holder, a rolling pin for making cookies (although it will more than likely just hang on my wall unused) and a wooden dishrack, on which to practice warping.

Close up of Stikke Pinner (knitting needle) case. The needles were not included. I don’t think the stockers knew what this was because it was tossed in with the wooden spoons in the kitchen area.

A new television, begrudgingly purchased because our old, tube t.v. finally gave up the ghost. Now I need to watch my old favorite movies again to see what they look like with normal colors.  Everything was green on our old set.

Amazingly enough, it doesn’t look like this one from the back.

white trash repairs - Flat Screen TV With Some Extras

A1’s slumber party bash. The girls were trying to cover up the words on her shirt for some reason.  We’ve learned to not ask “why”

A picture showing a $100,000 bill. I keep several in my wallet. Don’t you?

In this Aug. 10, 2010 photo, a detail from a ...

On that “note” it’s time to head out for daily errands. Cheers!


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