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A Large Helping of Crazy w/a Side of Chaos

As my dear old mum would say, “It’s all asses and elbows” around here. The past week has been crammed full of dental and medical appointments. Back to school paperwork, meetings, attempts to complete long-neglected house repairs, clean and organize (stop laughing), inventory and restock the freezer and pantry, rounded off with routine vet visits make for exciting days. Amid the chaos, a few relaxing islands of calm serenity were savored, and are worthy of sharing. 

First, I went to a real hair salon, not a walk-in chain store.  The stylest rocked!  She massaged my head during the extra-long shampoo, sending me into a catatonic state of bliss. I think I drooled.  She was friendly, but avoided the ceaseless, shallow babble practiced by many in this field.  This was the final result.

Far and away the highlight of the past week was tea at Roxie’s!   Positive indications of a stellar visit were forthcoming:

      1. Spotting the Wiener Mobile on the drive down. (Please pardon the Kinneared shot, I was driving)


    2. NOT getting lost on the way there, and as a result, arriving early because the planned “getting lost” time wasn’t   necessary

  3. Once again, being greeted by Charlie, head of the neighborhood welcoming committee

      4. Being welcomed in by Roxie.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, then let me explain what it’s like.  Roxie is very tall and she’s surrounded by a happy aura. Seriously, it’s like this bubble of bliss surrounds her, that makes you want to stand near her… the lingering smell of the lavender scones she was baking might have contributed some.   I’ve never seen her not smiling.  Her voice is rich and melodious and she greets everyone with a sincere and welcoming hug.  Dingbat that I am, I didn’t take a picture.

She had set a magnificent table, complete with a hand-woven table cloth and fresh flowers. Four varieties of iced tea, lavender scones, chocolate sandwich cookies, lemon muffins, hot tea, coffee, sandwiches and fresh berries awaited everyone. Another guest arrived with a still-warm loaf of fresh zucchini bread too!

 What an amazing collection of ladies! The shared stories of both triumphs and trials, of comedy and the not-so-funny, combined with the wonderful refreshment and glimpses of various handiwork in progress made the two hour visit fly by.   I savored every second of the visit.  Thank you for inviting me Roxie. (p.s. we shan’t mention evidence of a clown murder that may or may not have transpired)

Another break from the ordinary included my DH and I celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary!  We truly just wanted to stay home with the girls so we chose a movie, made special treats and gorged ourselves until we fell asleep midway through the main feature.

(above:  our special “movie mix” made with heavily buttered popcorn, plain M&Ms, and Original Mike n Ike’s all mixed together to be enjoyed in handfuls of artery-hardening goodness, Red Vines and of course, Diet Coke)


Monday the chaos resumed, complete with the emergence of the evil sewing machine. 

Some clothes were mended and miscellaneous sewing tasks started.

Even a few Christmas presents were started.

The top two WIPs were knocked off of my “To Knit” list.  Both the hat and the socks were despised and I’m glad to be rid of them.

Today’s agenda includes more sewing, cheerleading practice, a Goodwill donation drop off, an afternoon doctor’s visit and planning dinner menus for the upcoming weeks.  I also need to collate and bind some family tree information that my Aunt Kathy compiled and gave to my mom. I made copies for my brother, sister and me.  I think my DH asked me to make a few calls as well.  I’m grateful for the sanity-saving escapes this past week. Cheers!


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