Stash Busting & ISO Yarn

Over the past couple of days I’ve been sorting through bins in the garage and trying to use up fabric odds and ends.  Of course this requires using the sewing machine, which in turn leads to loud, “unsavory” language on my part.  Luckily, the girls have spent lots of time outside playing. I’ve made a conscious effort to merely growl or to limit outbursts to gibberish in their presence, but there have been a few slips.   Here are the finished items.

The adorable kitty fabric used on this apron was from a fat quarter picked up more than four years ago when Karen and her Quilting Pirates Shanghaid me on one of their epic shop hops.

I’ve no idea where either of these fabrics came from. This bag still needs the perfect button for the closure, but alas, we don’t have the perfect button… yet.

  The Gryffindor Quidditch socks are u[ next on my “To Finish” list. The second sock is still embryonic though. 

My DH spotted the Quidditch sock and he requested that I make him some long socks too.  The old Air Force uniforms required wearing black socks with BDUs.  However, with the new BDU’s the Air Force switched sock color (and boot, undershirt and belt color too).  Olive is the new black. Unfortunately, the olive socks are crappy. For the record, the new tan shirts also fall under the heading of crappy. They have a terrible odor that doesn’t go away when washed.  The new boots are also olive and they’re made out of canvas and suede so they can’t be polished.  I love super, shiny, polished black boots.  Sorry, back to the socks.  I found this bit of yarn in my sock yarn bin that perfectly matches the crappy issued socks.

 This is KnitPicks Risata, cotton blend sock yarn in the “Umber” color.  Since this wee little scrap isn’t enough to make a pair of knee-high socks I popped out to their website, only to discover that this color has been discontinued.   Nuts!  If you, or someone you know, has some they would be willing to sell then please let me know!  I’ve found other olive colored sock yarns, but this cotton was really nice to work with and it’s smooshy enough to cushion his shins where the fashionable new boots rub.




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4 responses to “Stash Busting & ISO Yarn

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    You are so productive. I’m sorry I can’t help on the Umber yarn. I don’t have anything khaki or umber. Hugs!!!!

  2. That rots about the colorway. Sorry I cannot oblige you. Never had any of that yarn.

    The sewing looks great. I really should pull out my machine and whip up an apron. What pattern did you use?

  3. Roxie

    The bags and aprons are awesome! You are good at that sewing stuff. And hooray for starting the Gryffindor socks! Long socks for your DH? How closely will they check to see if they’re completely regulation? I dated a guy at USAFA who was the envy of the floor. His mom knitted him regulation socks but worked funny intarsia designs into the toes. Even when the socks were folded up in the drawer they looked regulation, but in reality they had jack-o-lanterns, or skull and crossbones, or jet planes decorating them. She made him a new pair every month.

    So if you could find just a skein or two of the yarn, you could make your DH a pair of regulation colored tops with wildly stripey heels and feet. And only you would know.

  4. I’m with Roxie! Make ’em fun. As long as he doesn’t take the boots off, who’s to know? 🙂
    I need to make some aprons, too. I have a few projects that I’m working on.

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