An Evening Out

Thursday’s day time activities included dropping off A1 at the movies, a trip to the fabric store for a button and bias tape, retrieving A1 and friend from the movies and sewing another bag.

Later we all drove down to West Linn.  My DH’s boss invited a group of folks to her house for visiting and to watch a concert in a nearby park.  The weather was absolutely perfect, the band was lively and the mellow crowd enjoyed visiting, music, food, etc. while children ran and played.

The hostess prepared dinner for everyone and we dined el-Fresco on salads, chips, and two varieties of smoked tri-tip sandwiches. We stayed well into the evening. A1 danced, while A2 and A3 played on the playground and in the fountain.

I dutifully brought the Quidditch socks, but a broken needle prevented much progress.  I’ve had terrible luck lately with a rash of Knitpicks Harmony DPs breaking left and right.

I drank a beer, one glass of wine and tried one small drink of a homemade lemon liqueur.  That wasn’t much, especially  over the 3 1/2 hour period, but I seldom partake and I’ve had a headache all morning.  We all enjoyed the evening out.


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4 responses to “An Evening Out

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Stupid needles. I hate when they break. Contact Knit Picks and see if they’ll do anything for you. What a cool way to spend the evening. It sounds just wonderful. I’m so glad you had a good time. Hate the alcohol residual, though. Happy Friday, kiddo!!!!

  2. Sorry about the needle and the hangover.

  3. Roxie

    What a great boss your DH has! And shucks, West Linn is almost shoutin’ distance from us. OK, it’s a ways more than a stone’s throw, But you were right handy. Sounds like you had a ball! It was the lemon liquor that gave you the headache, I’m sure.

  4. Sorry about the needles. Although the bamboo cheapies you get at any yarn store will turn into arches rather quickly, I find they don’t break as often as the harmony ones. Maybe the harmony needles are more rigid and brittle. I also have some size 4s that have grooves near the tips where I’ve chipped them from use.
    Looks like you had a great time! Hope your summer is winding down well. Love, K

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