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I’ve Been Sew Busy

Please forgive the terrible pun. I recently picked up a Piers Anthony Xanth novel at a garage sale.  Anybody who read these back when they originally came out in  the 1980’s probably remembers that they’re entirely based on puns.   Those of us with weak minds are easily influenced.

While straightening up my sewing mess before bed the other night I accidentally dropped the case on my sewing machine.  It isn’t heavy, but the jolt was enough to cause my thread holders to fall into the machine itself.

When I took the machine apart to retrieve the pieces I discovered that the rubber rings holding them in place had crumbled.   There was no way to salvage the broken bits. The machine is about 20 years old so it’s doubtful that spare parts can be found. 

A quick scan of the dining room uncovered miscellaneous materials that were converted into a makeshift thread holder.

The MacGyvered fix worked great for securely holding the spool of thread.  Unfortunately,  at some point while retrieving the broken pieces I’d inadvertently bumped the gears and the machine was stuck in reverse.  I didn’t know this until everything was reassembled, my materials gathered for sewing and the tools put away properly . Once again I took the case off, but because I had no clue how to fix it I mostly just gaped at the metal pieces. The manual proved worthless because there were no pictures or diagrams. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the gears because the inside workings of the machine were not labeled either.  In the end I just yelled at the machine and shook it a lot.  The threats worked and it started sewing properly again.

The other day Trek inquired about my apron pattern.  I don’t really have a pattern per se.  I just traced around an older apron and cut out several layers of fabric.

After making some quick pockets I sewed these onto the front and then layered the main front and back apron pieces and sewed up the edges.  Using bias tape eliminated the need to stitch this inside out and then turn it.  Using the tape also served as quick apron ties.  Each lined apron takes 1 yard of main fabric (I used 1/2 yard of plain muslin for the backs and saved my printed fabric for the fronts), 1 fat quarter of contrasting fabric for pockets and two packages of bias tape (should you choose to go this route). 

I made some aprons with standard ties and edges as well. Seven more of the full torso style were finished in all.

I also made myself a lined, pleated short apron with several fat quarters and some more muslin for the back. These aren’t very good pictures.

The substitute yarn arrived to make my DH’s socks to wear with his AF uniform.  It arrived lightening fast from Webs, but the color on my monitor shows the yarn being way more olive. In person it’s really quite green.  Oh well, they’ll be pretty close.  Besides, I’ve never heard of a sock inspection before.

The air today has a definite autumn chill.  Some of the blackberries are finally starting to ripen in the back yard too.  It’s hard to believe that summer is at an end.


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