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Monday, Tue & WTF Wed.

I seriously doubt that I’ll have time to post either tomorrow or Wednesday due to appointments, so instead I’ll include a few WTF moments along with today’s mundane topics.

This summer I’ve morphed into a slug.  My stomach oozes over the waistband of my sweatpants and even my “fat” jeans cut off the blood flow to my feet when I sit down (please see below for clarification)*.  I worry about my family’s health too. Yesterday I convinced my DH and younger daughters to take a brisk, healthy walk.   “Brisk” walking is hard to achieve when it’s humid.  Even my hyperactive, never-sit-still 9-year-old dragged her feet and sat down several times on our way to a nearby college campus. 


A2’s spirits picked up slightly when she found this strange plant.  It looks like Dr. Seusse’s trees from The Lorax. 

A3 sat lethargically instead of hopping around the fountain. Normally she leaps from rock to rock like a Billy goat after a double espresso.

Even my DH was grouchy.


The blue patches quickly lost ground to thick clouds so we called it quits and headed home.  At one point A3 collapsed in a heap and pleaded for a piggy back ride from her dad. His vehement refusal was quite discouraging because I’d been thinking about asking him for a ride too.

Elsewhere… here’s something not seen in these parts recently.  Someone “TP’d”, “Rolled”, “Papered” this tree.  Usually  toilet paper doesn’t make its outdoor debut until closer to Halloween. 

The WTF Category for this Wed Monday is “Quality Control”… or lack thereof.   I pretty much never sit in the middle or rear seats in our van, nor do we use the DVD and fold down screen very often.   Usually the girls just turn it on briefly when we’re driving at night so they can use the light to find things. Today my eldest pointed out a labeling mistake with the light switch.  The controls read, “No   Off   Door”.    “No” really should be “On” because the lights, really do indeed, turn on when the button is slid to the left.   I wonder how this happened.  All three words appear to have been stamped or stenciled on at the same time, rather than individually, and it more than likely happened on some sort of assembly line.  That means that other vehicles with this same tv/dvd combo probably have the same typo. 

This is going to bug the heck out of me from now on.  Not only will the misspelling in my van bother me, but I’ll always wonder if every other van I see has the same problem.  I want to check them all.  

Quality control isn’t a priority in a local bakery either.  Check out the banana fenders and jacked up wheels on this bitchin’ school bus!  Most kids are less than excited about returning to school anyway, so why not bring home a hideously decorated celebratory cookie to make them feel really depressed.   

Oh the wheels on the bus go round and round…”


I got to try out my new apron today!  It fits perfectly, but I’d like more/bigger pockets.

I stopped by a local fruit stand and picked up some fruits and vegetables that needed attention.  The melons needed slicing and the blueberries were washed and put into ziplock bags in the freezer. The pears are quite hard, but they should be ready to can by this weekend.  We ate the corn, beans and little potatoes for dinner.

Since walking won’t work on the family fitness agenda, I guess we’ll just have to eat healthier food. Cheers!

* My concern isn’t about weight gain and size, but rather loss of muscle tone.  With errands and running to and fro we seldom enjoy outside, physical activity like we used to.  Also, our summer diet consists of way too much junk food.   

p.s. I really, really want a chocolate bar!


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