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“You Do Plan on Having Knitting on Your Knitting Blog…

don’t you?”

That question constantly plagues me… admittedly, mostly from myself.   Originally this, and my previous blog, were started to document  my knitting, but over the years both evolved (or devolved) into journals chronicling everyday family events.  In retrospect this is quite fortuitous for several reasons.  First, I don’t knit nearly enough to warrant a blog dedicated entirely to the craft.  Second, and more importantly, because my memory is faulty.    In recent years I seldom recall events from the prior week, while recent months and years muddle and swirl together.  I’ve never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m sure that my powers of recollection were exponentially higher, especially in regards to short-term memory, when I was younger.  Perhaps my brain is full and the new memories simply spill out.  The problem could be medical… related to my M.S. or early onset Alzheimer’s.  The strange thing is, I can vividly remember the clothes that Mrs. DeFrench, my high school English teacher, wore to school. I can still recall the sounds of suction pickers echoing off the Grayland hills and the smell of burning cranberry vines during harvest.  Heck, I even remember, in detail, a dream that woke me up from a nap when I was four years old, but try as I may, I can’t remember yesterday’s breakfast. 

 Recently (I can’t remember exactly when) I went back and read daily happenings from five years ago.  Seeing pictures of the old house, yard, chickens, etc. brought back fond memories. But more importantly, I saw my girls when they were little.  Daily events from their lives, along with pictures  showing how small they were, were intermingled with my attempts to knit or otherwise be creative, on the blog back then.   I’d forgotten so much!  Over the next month I plan on saving the blog entries, especially from my old blog, onto disks.  This way, for better or worse, these bits and pieces of our family’s lives will live on for posterity.  I’m so glad that this is more than just a knitting blog!

Now, on to recording the mad scramble from this last free week.  This summer screamed by, and felt more like a long weekend than it did a full-fledged break.  So much was left undone!  I’ve been cooking, canning and baking like mad trying to fill the pantry and freezer before school begins.


The garden didn’t yield much produce (willful neglect is to blame), but we have lots of blackberries. These were turned into syrup.

Several days were committed to gutting closets and dressers. The contents were scrutinized for stains, tears and proper fit. Many were automatically tossed into the rag pile, but others were passed down to younger sisters and an even  younger neighbor.  Hopefully starting the year with orderly drawers full of matched socks, clean, fitted clothes, etc. will alleviate some of the morning mayhem… at least for the first week.

I stopped by a nearby garage sale yesterday and scored a huge pile of wool fabric for several dollars. Today I’ll be cutting out some skirts for A2 and A3 to add to their wardrobes.  Other than this, we’re mostly ready for the physical part of school. Mentally, we’re all still checked out.

Oh, and I knitted a little bit too!


Last night A1 had an overnight guest.  This morning we all enjoyed pancakes with ice-cream and fresh blackberry syrup, then the friend was picked up by her family to attend Mass.  A1 didn’t want to go, even though she is technically Catholic.  We have a mixed marriage. My family is Lutheran and my DH’s was Catholic.  When we married I had to promise to raise all offspring to be Catholic.  Because I’m not part of that club I’ve left the  duty to my DH.  This morning, in a moment of spiritual enlightenment,  he shared this video with the girls.


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