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On String Theory

With all due respect to  Brian Greene,  I must adamantly disagree with his hypothesis.  Sometimes, especially in our corner of the galaxy, the universe isn’t quite as elegant as it could be.  The thread that unites us is, indeed, covered with random bits of crap that fly haphazardly to unexpected places. 

Stevie the Wonder Cat took his first visit to our regular veterinarian’s office. 

He was completely freaked out by the friendly woofers in the waiting room. Thankfully I’d opted to put him in the small cardboard box instead of one of the large, open ended carriers. As it was, the other patrons withdrew when the box started hissing, growling and thrashing around on the floor.

I received the anticipated lecture about pet safety and the dangers of leaving sewing notions strewn about.  The vet palpitated, listened to and tried to massage Steve’s guts, but no outward signs of distress were noted.  The minor amount of probing was met with resistance, but no leads. In the end I was told to cat proof my house, watch Steve to make sure he wasn’t in pain and to just see what came out of in the end.  To keep the trip from being a complete waste of time he got two shots. We left $80.00 lighter and when we got home Steve chose his usual anti-social activity with the roll of paper towels left in my bedroom.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur of work and school meetings.  I couldn’t sleep last night because of nerves. Today A1 starts high school, A2 will break in a new teacher and A3’s teacher didn’t even know that she had a 504 plan in place for her Aspberger’s.  I meet my new students today too.  I’ve ironed, packed and even chosen a plain knitting project, should free time arise today.



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