First Week Updates

Daylight hours are growing noticeably shorter, and we’ve been treated to some wonderful sunrises over the Cascade Mountains.

another photo courtesy of A2

Tonight was the first J.V. Football game of the season.  The FB team totally rocked (we won 27 to 8 ). The cheerleaders were fantastic too. Unfortunately, the uniforms the cheer team ordered back in June never showed up. Yesterday the company claimed that they never received the P.O., however if the team ordered the uniforms now they could get them in  another 6 to 8 weeks.  Um, no thank you, they kind of needed them sooner.  The girls were disappointed because they’ve worked very hard.  The varsity team saw what happened and they got together and decided to loan the J.V. squad their own skirts. The girls topped these with matching T-shirts so they’d be ready for the game.   Now the rush is on to order some pre-made, basic uniforms. There won’t be time for the company to put on a second color,  embroidery, etc. Parents are searching locally for striped edging to sew on, as well as an embroidery business willing to take a rush job.   All in all, I think the girls handled this situation quite gracefully and the varsity squad deserves a big “Thank You” for taking such good care of their younger teammates. I plan to bake them all cookies or something.

A2 and A3 both love their new teachers. A2 is trying out for Jazz Band. If she makes it then practices will start at 7:00 in the morning at another school.  Carpool details, etc. are still up in the air, but we’ll make it work.  A3 is excited to have a locker for the first time and she brought an eclectic assortment of items from home to decorate it.

The new work year looks promising.  There have been a lot of changes at the school, but students and staff alike have adapted quickly.

Absolutely zilch. Zero. Nada. Goose eggs.  That’s how much knitting I’ve successfully accomplished this week.  When I finally pulled it out of my purse it was entangled with my keys.  Crap. 

We haven’t made any plans for Labor Day weekend, other than to attend the first varsity home football game Friday night. All of the cheerleaders are performing at half time. High school and college games are fun to watch, I just don’t enjoy  professional sports. Sorry, I digress.    Anyway, it sounds like the whole family just wants to sleep in. That sounds like a lovely plan. 



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6 responses to “First Week Updates

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Good plan. You are so busy, it’ll be great to have a weekend where you aren’t on the run 100% of the time. Enjoy, kiddo!!!!!

  2. Karen O

    Sending a big hug for all your girls and tell them I said to have a great school year, work hard, and have fun! Love, Auntie K

  3. Roxie

    The varsity cheerleaders Deserve cookies! And heaven knows they’ll bounce away a few extra calories in about five minutes. How sweet of them to help the JV.

    Jazz band? Too cool! What does she play?

    I’m with you – local kids playing organized sports are so much more fun than those freaks getting paid indecent salaries for inhuman behavior. I don’t give a flying fart if the Cowboys beat the Bengals. They will each and every one make more money for the game than we earn in a year. And they can behave as if they are above the law in their daily lives because, for the most part, they are. It just annoys the heck out of me.

    But you know what really burns my ass? A grass fire about three feet high.

  4. The only knitting I get done lately is stop light knitting. A few stitches here, a row there and by May I’ll have a cowl done!

  5. I don’t have kids, other than the 35 5th grade students I teach, but I never get any knitting done the first few weeks of school either. It’s too busy with making and changing plans for my class, getting to know my students, finding where they’re playing (and when), and trying to schedule time to actually go to their games. They aren’t as exciting as college football, but the kids are cute and they put everything into their games. And they’re totally jazzed that their teacher really showed up!

  6. Where my daughter used to cheer the Varsity group (this was for club, not school) bought football jersey type t shirts, has the number 08 (it was 2008) put on each jersey, their names on the back and the club name over the numbers. They were really cute. The club colors were black, gold and white, the jersey’s were black with gold numbers and lettering. I am sure there is someplace locally you could get that done. Skirts are usually not too dressed up from what they have stock, so it should be relatively fast to get skirts done.

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