Non-Laborious Weekendus

 “I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.”

Peter Gibbons, “Office Space

This weekend we didn’t go anywhere.  Everyone slept late. We ate cold cereal and lots of prepared foods.  About a billion brain cells died as we watched mindless movies. A1  hung out with a friend. A2 took lots of pictures and loaded artwork onto her website. A3 was grounded to her bedroom for the duration, but she invented new and creative excuses for leaving her confinement. I knitted.  Other than doing the minimum required laundry, bathing and the acquisition of groceries we did NOTHING! What a delightful way to celebrate Labor Day.

On Friday night we went to the first varsity home football game of the year.  A1, and the other J.V. team, helped the varsity cheerleaders escort veteran football players from the 1995 state championship team out onto the field during half-time.  A1 expounded on how “old” they were, even after I told that I’d graduated ten years before most of them. We’d never gone to a game before and the crowd was huge, especially considering that we live in a small town.  The stadium was standing room only.  While there I cast on a sock in the school colors. 

The first school spirit sock was finished on Saturday.

Then, rather than cast on its mate, I began one of my DH’s work socks, because when he saw the school spirit sock he started whining about how I always knit for other people instead of him. Sniffle, sob, hiccup. Poor little, neglected hubby!

Monday morning A2 and I visited Barnes and Noble’s to pick up some reading materials.  While there I spied a spinner in the Starbuck’s Cafe!  Her name is Carol and she was delightful to chat with.  She teaches spinning locally and sells fiber out on Etsy, under the name Fiber Maniac.

She had an older Ashford wheel with her and she was spinning some lovely lavender, white and yellow superwash Merino from Lorna’s Laces.  Carol graciously gave me some plying tips.  My Navajo plying leaves much to be desired.

Not much else to report.  Besides the passing of Labor Say weekend, there have been some other “unofficial” signs that fall is coming.  My DH took the pool apart and stored it last week and the tips of the maple leaves are starting to turn orange.  Is summer waning for you too? 



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5 responses to “Non-Laborious Weekendus

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Oh, yes. Fall is on the way. Your weekend sounds divine. How serendipitous that you met a spinner at Starbucks. Now. Have a good week!!!!!

  2. Karen O

    The evenings are getting crisper…camping was a bit chilly! We’re done for the season, thankfully! Ben starts first grade tomorrow.

  3. Roxie

    Mornings when I go to get the paper, the breezes blowing round my knees are decidly brisk, and the stars are leaning toward autumn.

    What a magnificent weekend for you all. Bravo! Way to chill!

  4. Carmen

    Ohh yes, the signs of Fall are here for us, too. Our Virginia Creeper vines on our deck railing are starting to turn bright red!

  5. The thermometer read 66°F this morning and I thought to myself, “That’s it: autumn is on the way.”


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