WTF Absent

Sorry for being MIA, but between the 3 girls we’ve squeezed 6 more extra-curricular activities into the waking hours. Yesterday afternoon I sat down for a minute, fell asleep and almost missed picking A1 up from Speech and Debate. My DH’s sock dutifully accompanies me in the bottom of my purse/pack, in spite of being ignored.  I saw it on Monday while looking for my red pen at work.  Not much else to report. I’ve noted and even photographed several WTF moments, but there isn’t time to post them this morning.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “WTF Absent

  1. Roxie

    At least you are not MIA. You are very much present, or the action would not be happening. Mercy! Six more activities a week? You should just keep a nice blanky in the car and snatch naps in between chauffeur duties. I imagine you with post-it note schedules stuck on the dashboard. I couldn’t do it. I’d get my days and times mixed up and be at the gym, waiting to pick up the wrestler, while the soccer player waits forlornly in the rain.

  2. I’ve got the same problem with my 2 this year, we are precariously close to having too many activities, but will give it a little while before we drop something.

    DD: School Play, Ballet, Dance Team, Drawing, Girl Scouts, Church Choir, School Choir
    DS: Tap, Irish Step Dancing, Cub Scouts, Church Choir, Skateboarding and Baseball will be later in the year but everything else continues


  3. knitwonpurltoo

    It’s good to hear from you!!

  4. Karen

    I cut it off at two activities per child. At this point, it’s not a problem since Emma has one and Ben has zero, but I have four. Sigh.

  5. Karen

    Scratch that. Ben has soccer and wants to join scouts.

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