What’s Not To Love?

Green is my absolute favorite color.  Just about any shade of it makes me happy.  

I also adore cardigan sweaters because they’re easy to put on and take off when you come in and go out frequently. Long cardigans hide quite a few  body/fashion issues too, such as flabby arms, midriff exposure and even spilled lunches.  Large pockets on a cardigan are an even bigger bonus because even when you aren’t carrying a cell phone, car keys, lip balm, band aids, etc., they still provide excellent places to rest and hide your hands. 

The Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton is soft, warm and relatively inexpensive too. 

So, taking all of these factors into consideration, my version of the Farmer’s Market Cardigan should be the ultimate knitting experience with a pretty awesome end product.  

But, no matter how hard I try, I’m just not feeling the love for this project.  Heck, it even matched the key lime pie I made for last night’s dessert… matching food to clothing is necessary when one dribbles. 

Alas, once again, a project started with this yarn has been frogged.  Perhaps it was never meant to be knitted.



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6 responses to “What’s Not To Love?

  1. Roxie

    Well what a bummer. Is it the yarn, or the pattern? The style is great! I loves me them big cardis with pockets!

    Maybe you would feel the knitty love a bit more if you gave the yarn a tweak with some dye. Customize it with a food-color dip?

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m with Roxie. Haul out the dyes. I think it’s the color. It’s dull and uninteresting. Go for it, kiddo!! You have the dying chops.

  3. Carmen and Julie

    Hey there, Heide! Well Julie and I both liked the sweater pattern you picked, and I think you are right about green– I like just about any shade of green you can think of. Clever of you to match it with your key lime pie 😉 What about the sweater didn’t you like about it as you were knitting?

    Love you! Keep writing!

  4. Well what the heck??? Pretty cuddly pattern. Terrific yarn. And matches Key Lime Pie!! All systems should be GO!! I’m so sorry it’s not working our and you’re not feeling the love for it. I may be stupid not to learn from your experience, but I have to admit once I clicked the link for that sweater it went right to the top of my Rav Queue.

  5. But it such pretty yarn… But, Roxie is right. It you don’t like it, then pop it into the dye pot and see what you get.

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