Homecoming Pictures

For Dad… to be updated as pictures come in.

The Date’s boutonniere



A1’s updo, complete with a pair of Grandma Laura’s earrings


A1, before going to friend’s house for dinner


A1 and friend before their dates arrived for dinner

A3 and A2, taken when we dropped off A1 at her friend’s house.


A2, A3 and I had our own date.  We went to Ice Cream Renassiance where we played cards and enjoyed ice cream for dinner. A3 was protecting her ice cream from wandering spoons.

After ice cream we went to the book store to browse, loiter, read and even shop a little.


“The Date” and his mom

A1 and “The Date”

“The Date” is a very sweet young man and they had a wonderful time. 


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5 responses to “Homecoming Pictures

  1. Karen

    The girls look absolutely beautiful! Hope they had a good time!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Good Lord, Mom. She’s gorgeous!

  3. She is so pretty. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  4. Roxie

    And Dad is starting to clean the shotgun . .

    She’s a beautiful young woman. and as skinny as you are, I bet you can fit into that beautiful dress as well. Get your money’s worth out of it.

  5. Karen

    What a handsome young man! I’m sure B gave him the “so you like my daughter, do ya, now?” speech. I hope he had a clean pair of britches when he left.

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