Ten on Tuesday

Ten completely random thoughts for today…

1. Is Roxanna (my kitty, not the wonderful lady she’s named after) mentally challenged?  The poor little dear  still can’t seem to figure out how to wash her ears. She licks one forearm, while simultaneously swiping the other arm across her ear.  She does this repeatedly, stops, then sighs in frustration while shaking her head.  Are there special schools for teaching kitty basics?

2. My former co-workers are the best ever.  When I arrived at work yesterday there were flowers, chocolate and a card waiting for me from them!  They are beautiful.  I love those ladies and I hope to get together with them soon to share stories, laugh and hang out.

3. My youngest daughter can fit her entire fist into her mouth.  This past weekend while A2 and A3 were having their hair colored/cut they entertained a young boy who was waiting for his mom.  The girls took turns making faces at him and he’d laugh in delight. One of the salon workers walked by and suggested that they try fitting their fists into their mouths.  It was her snarky way of trying to make them be quieter.  I don’t know if I should be proud or scared of her newly-discovered talent.

4.  I love these shoes!

A teacher wore these last week, and she agreed to let me take a picture.  That last part is important, I don’t make a habit of crawling under tables to take pictures of people.

5. I found my DH’s socks! That is, I found the pair of socks that I started knitting for him.  How is it possible to lose entire knitting projects?  This isn’t an isolated incident, but usually I stick to misplacing my keys and cell-phone.  I’m branching out as I mature.

6. I don’t know where my cell phone is.  That’s kind of a big deal because we don’t have a land line any more and it’s our primary means of communication.

7. I’d ask someone to call me, but the ringer is set on “silent”.

8. One of the only shows we watch with regularity is Deadliest Catch.  Knitting this crab is still on my “To Knit” list.  The Discovery Channel’s inability to negotiate a dispute with the Hillstrand brothers, which in turn estranged Captain Sig, meant that the three remaining captains that I do enjoy watching (Phil died, not a Keith fan) didn’t plan on returning for this next season. Thankfully an agreement was reached and all will be returning.  This makes me want to cast on the crab in the worst way.

9. Last year we cancelled all but the bare bones cable channels.  This means that the girls no longer have access to Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.  If we still had cable then I might not find signs of creativity strewn about the house.

Not knowing the details, I can only speculate that the terrified three headed monster’s ship is being towed to safety by the porcelain whale (with some of my handspun yarn), while the dreaded Barbie-a-saurus tries to capsize the boat. 

10. I never want to eat anything “chicken” again after seeing this! 




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5 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen

    You have some of the most creative children in the known world. Not speculating on where A2 could use her newfound talents in the job force, the scene found in #9 looks like a fascinating tale of adventure. Hope you have a lovely Tuesday. We’re off to an ENT appt. for Mr. B.

  2. Roxie

    Oh, God, I LOVE the crab!! the woman is brilliant!

    And the kitty-toe shoes are almost too cool for school. Speaking of school, your co-workers are top drawer!

    The Barbie-a-saurus is beyond awesome. It’s always a relief to meet a helpful space whale.

    Her whole fist? I am impressed. Bet it hurts a bit, though. Not the sort of thing you want to do on a daily basis. And for some reason, I think it’s the sort of thing that drunken frat boys would find lewd. Probably not a useful party trick.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    What a sweet thing for your ex-coworkers to do. You’re worth it, though! Poor Roxie. I have a brilliant one of those, too.

  4. Beautiful flowers, that is so sweet.
    As for kitty training camp, there should be one. Miss Lulu has vision issues, and has to tap her bowl to see where the water level is. Dusty, having watched her since he was a kitten, has to do the same thing. Only, he’s bigger and rougher, and snacks the water bowl across the floor, spilling it all. He then drinks off the floor. Kitties…

  5. Roxie

    I’ve been thinking about this issue and have decided that since Roxanna is a cat, she may just be faking it to play with your head. Are her ears dirty?

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